How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact, Players can encounter various remnants of the divine on Watatsumi Island, particularly through the shrines that dot Inazuma. And in Bourou Village, south of Watatsumi Island, you’ll meet an elderly lady named Komaki who will tell you about one of the village’s ancient divining rituals, which is on the verge of fading with the passage of time. How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact.

The Divine Plants of the Depths is a World Quest that does not appear on the Quest menu by default. Begin by going to Bourou Village and speaking with Komaki. The map below shows her exact location. Follow to know more about How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact.

She’ll tell you about the Deep Sea Spiritherbs, which have been carefully grown for generations on the island. These herbs emit a unique light that allows priestesses to determine whether or not a person’s wishes can be granted. However, they require a special type of water from the island’s Offering Pool in order to grow. Komaki will ask you to go to Mouun Shrine and get some.

Divine Plant in Genshin Impact

The quest marker will direct you to the exact location of the water source, where an Investigation spot can be found. Simply interact with it to obtain the “Wishes” Water Welling.

How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact

Return to Komaki in Bourou Village within two minutes, or the power of the wishes in the water will be extinguished. Remember that you cannot use Teleport Waypoints or the challenge will fail and you will have to restart from Mouun Shrine. However, you can make it to Bourou Village in time by using Phase Gates, running, jumping, and Glide.

Speak with Komaki to obtain the water, which is insufficient to bring out the radiance of the Spiritherbs. She’ll ask you to fetch water from a cave teeming with Hydro from the depths of the sea.

How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact

Travel to the northeast of Watatsumi Island to find the Hydro Hypostasis (near the Suigetsu Pool). You don’t have to defeat it—just look for Investigation locations in the area. Go to the waterfall behind the boss to find the correct Investigation spot, which contains the Clear Water.

Provide Komaki with the Clear Water. You can now use Teleport Waypoints and are not limited to a two-minute timeframe. This will finish the Divine Plant of the Depths World Quest and open the Komaki’s Spiritherb Fortune daily questline. This concludes with How to complete Divine Plant in Genshin Impact.

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