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All are now welcome to join us. Read the following sentences to learn more about the modifications, codes, and other important issues: In Cookie Run: Kingdom, Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Guide is one of the five Ancient Heroes. (In Korean, Holli-Beri Kuki) She was the second to become available, and she was made playable with Raspberryhead.png Raspberry Cookie with the first Heart of Courage and Passion update (version 2.0.102). Her defense type and position are both Frontpos with Front priority, and she is a member of the Defense class. In the Prologue, she has the same momentary controllability as the other Ancient Cookies.

As the creator of the Hollyberry Kingdom in World Exploration Episodes 11 and 12, she plays a significant part. She is also Princesshead. web, the online mother of Jungleberry Cookie, Royal Berry Cookie, and Princess Cookie & Tigerlilyhead. I’m Grandma Cookie, Tiger Lily. She presently serves as the Hollyberry Kingdom’s Queen Mother.

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“Only the reddest holly berries that have ripened in the scorching summer sun could possibly be the source of such tremendous feeling. Hollyberry Cookie believed that every friendship should be successful, just as every accomplishment. After all, trust is the hardest concept in the world! She pledged to utilise the indestructible Hollyberry Shield to protect her loved ones, but it couldn’t keep them safe. According to legend, Hollyberry Cookie leading a charge onto the battlefield is the most inspiring sight. a perspective that exhorts you to return the confidence placed in you by others by demonstrating your own.”

Hollyberry Cookie Toppings

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Single-hit DMG: 185.5 percent (+2.53 percent DMG per level)
  • DMG Focus: 20 percent of DMG inflicted on allies for nine seconds

Hollyberry Cookie Toppings: A Tale

  • X5 Solid Almond Topping(Recommended)
  • X3 Swift Choco + X2 Solid Almond OR X3 Solid Almond + X2 Swift Chocolate
  • X5 Swift Choco

Skill: Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Build

  • CD with a base of X18 seconds
  • 185.5 percent DMG for a single hit (+2.53% DMG per level)
  • DMG Focus: 20.0 percent of allies’ DMG for 9.0 seconds

Soulstone Description

“A portion of Hollyberry Cookie’s soul is preserved in this stone. You can almost hear the horns of victory while holding this stone.”


Like her Princesshead.com grandchild, Hollyberry Cookie enjoys exploration and adventure, and she frequently travels alone. The founder and ruler of the Hollyberry Kingdom, Hollyberry Cookie, enjoys engaging in combat and sparring while guiding her subjects to success. Hollyberry Cookie is a brave and fierce warrior who excels in combat and even prevails in conflicts with the Red Dragon, who sees her as their only worthy foe. She places a high emphasis on friendship since she thinks that cookies were created to be joyful and to combine with other cookies to live happily ever after. In fact, she says in her conversation that meeting new friends is similar to winning a war.

Hollyberry Cookie, like her best friend Pure Vanilla Cookie, fervently loves her kingdom and the people that live there and swears to protect them. As a result of her defeat in the Dark Flour War and her failure to protect her nation and its citizens, Hollyberry Cookie left her kingdom and abdicated her crown. She even gave up her formidable shield.

In addition to being a loving mother and grandmother, Hollyberry Cookie has demonstrated that she is a capable and likable leader. She raised her son, Royal Berry Cookie, to be a humble and tenacious leader because he was the Hollyberry Kingdom’s likely heir. Despite her unending love for her son, she was worried about his future and how he would fulfill his duties as king of the Hollyberry Kingdom. Hollyberry Cookie knew that Royal Berry Cookie and Jungleberry Cookie got along well and that Jungleberry Cookie was just as honorable and modest as her son, so she was relieved when Royal Berry Cookie married Jungleberry Cookie. Hollyberry was the Cookie who blessed both Princessheads. As soon as her grandchildren were born, web Tigerlilyhead fell in love with them. After being reunited, Hollyberry Cookie and Princess Cookie developed respect for one another.


Due to concept images revealed in the Kingdom art book, it was popularly believed that Hollyberry Cookie is the mother or grandmother of Tiger Lily Cookie and Princesshead.web Princess Cookie before the Heart of Courage and Passion upgrade.
Only Hollyberry Cookie, an Ancient Hero, had their release-day illustration entirely redone.
Hollyberry Cookie’s berry juice record is no less than 12 glasses, according to the special loading screen trivia.
A small side table, identical to the one in Purevanillahead.png Pure Vanilla Cookie’s background, may be seen in Hollyberry Cookie’s Cookie view screen. While Hollyberry Cookie’s table features a framed photograph of the twin princesses, Tiger Lily Cookie and Princess Cookie, as infants, Pure Vanilla Cookie’s table features a vase of white lilies. This implies that one of the things she values most is her family and her close friends.
Wildberryhead.png alludes to Hollyberry Cookie. The present monarch’s mother, the former queen, is referred to as “The Queen Mother” by Wildberry Cookie.
The Pitaya Dragon is said to have been faced, fought, and vanquished by Hollyberry Cookie.
The first Ancient Cookie to have a costume is Hollyberry Cookie.
The Guardian Angel’s 2022 quote for Hollyberry Cookie is “I’ll always be there to protect you!”
The code name for Hollyberry Cookie is “cookie0510”.
Pastryhead.png Pastry Cookie is also voiced by Taiwanese actress Wei Jingqi, who also voices Hollyberry Cookie.
Elizabeth Maxwell, an English voice actor, also delivers the voices of Mille-feuille Cookie, Light Cream Cookie, Seaweed Cookie, and Unnamed Huntress.

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