Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvels Avengers

The Guardians of the Galaxy game, according to Eidos Montreal, will have its own universe. Unfortunately, this means it will not share the Marvel universe with Spider-Man or the Avengers.

This is a missed opportunity because the same publisher created Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Eidos Montreal, on the other hand, appears to be creating a game in its own right, with no plans to make it similar to Marvel’s Avengers.Read complete to know that Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvels Avengers

So Is Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvels Avengers

The game will be set in its own universe, according to a tweet from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Twitter account to VaintLord. The purpose of the tweet was to provide an answer to the question and put an end to the speculation.

Is Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvels Avengers. Other than a few minor aesthetic nods, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will have no interaction with the Marvel universe established by previous Marvel games. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the majority of Marvel’s video games take place within their own universe.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvels Avengers

The omission is so significant that we can only hope Marvel addresses it in the future.

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