Grounded Hot and Hazy Update is now available, Obsidian Entertainment’s 2020 action-survival game Grounded recently announced a new update to their Game Preview title. This new update, dubbed Hot and Hazy, adds a slew of new content, features, and bug fixes to the game.

This update is roughly the same size as the previous one (Brood Mother update), and it contains comparable new content. Fans, both new and old, will find something to be excited about in this new update. Here’s a list of everything new to Grounded since the Grounded Hot and Hazy Update is now available.

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update is now available

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update New Areas

New Biome: The Sandbox

Grounded’s newest biome is a large square sandbox on the backyard’s left side. Players will discover new structures, such as a sandcastle, toys, and a variety of new creatures lurking in the sand. Also, keep in mind that the environment is hot and arid, so players will have to do whatever they can to stay cool.

Biome Update: The Haze

Players have most likely already encountered the hazardous pesticide spray that infects a specific area of the map. It is critical to enter with a gas mask on. However, the new update has introduced a completely new type of danger to the area. Bugs in this area have gone insane as a result of the gas, altering their physical appearance and behavior. Furthermore, explosive spores have appeared in the area, causing harm to the player if they come too close.

New Enviroments

The yard has also become home to a few new environments. The new Black Anthill, which players will have to carefully explore to find possible hidden secrets.

A Picnic Table has also appeared in the yard, prompting players to investigate what might be atop this massive structure. However, a beehive has taken over the area, making exploration difficult and dangerous.

In addition, a Large Trash Heap has appeared not far from the other new locations. You might come across a spoiled food item here and there, or you might discover some new secrets.

New Creatures

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update is now available

You might come across a few new bugs as you explore the new and improved backyard. The Black Ant is one such creature. These new ants, like regular ants, are divided into two types: the Worker and the Soldier. Workers are unaffected unless attacked, whereas Soldiers attack first. Also, keep in mind that ants travel in groups and that you will rarely find one alone. Attacking these creatures should be done with caution because they will gang up on you.

Aside from the Black Ants, the Antlion is a new addition to the creature family. These are powerful and dangerous ants that will quickly take you down. Bring some armor and possibly some friends to take these down.

The Roly-Poly is yet another new creature. These are still harmless but powerful, with an outer shell that protects them from attacks.

There’s also the Meaty Gnat, which will be a valuable new resource.

With the new haze, players will encounter mutated versions of Ladybugs, Larvae, and Gnats, each with their own set of attacks.

New Armor and a Weapon Overhaul

New armor sets are added with the addition of new bugs. The Antlion armor set, the Roly-Poly armor set, and the Black Ant armor set are all available. Flavored Arrows and a Smoothie Recipe have also been added.

With the addition of a new smithing station, weapons in Grounded have been slightly revamped. The player can upgrade weapons and tools in this area to increase damage and effectiveness. In addition, depending on the bug, certain weapons now deal more or less damage to creatures. A hammer, for example, may deal more damage to a Ladybug than a spear.

Milk Molars

Milk Molars are new upgrade items added to Grounded that will improve your player’s or your entire team’s skills. These new items are dispersed throughout the yard and will be difficult to locate.

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