This Foxhole Bunker Base Guide explains the game’s base-building principles and offers advice on how to construct them, from the original layout through logistics and upkeep.

Any recommendations or corrections should be made in the comments area. There are limited resources available to players who want to injure themselves throughout the base construction process in this game. The purpose of this tutorial is to make this dreadful procedure more accessible to players, to increase the overall quality of bunker bases around the game globe, and to provide a look into our horrific domain to those who would otherwise never consider it.

I have a few warnings for you before you decide to become a base builder in Foxhole:

Building in this game takes a lot of your time and seldom pays off outside of the “fun” of the process. The game’s building mechanisms are unrefined and irritating, and they are unlikely to change. Other players will refuse to help you rebuild your bunker during an artillery bombardment or while you are PVE-e. Other players will WILL obstruct your ability to develop and undo many hours of labor, and such behavior is not regarded against the game’s regulations.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Core

This is the heart of your bunker base, as the name indicates. It’s the square component with the ramp where you spawn, as well as the place where you can refill the bunker and handle unlocks. It should be positioned along a road, as indicated in the preceding section, so that trucks can replenish the bunker and armed vehicles can rearm themselves. Remember that here is where players will spawn and replenish, so make it as easy as possible for them to get to and from the bunker core. Players will be more likely to spawn here and use your bunker as a result of this.

You are free to change the design of your core, but there are some in-game restrictions to bear in mind, as well as some personal preferences to consider. A bunker core must be made up of at least six (6) connected bunker pieces (not via trenches), and the square piece that will be turned into the real bunker core piece (the bit with the ramp) must be built with a Construction Vehicle (CV) and must be TIER 1. Keep in mind that in order to build garrisons and other structures, the remainder of your bunker base must be connected to your bunker core.

I recommend not making your bunker core larger than the required six pieces. This will result in a larger bunker footprint and decreased structural integrity, leaving your bunker more exposed to artillery and taking up area around your bunker core that may be utilised for garrisons to guard your bunker or give vehicles access. I would also advise against building any garrisons, generators, or observation bunkers on your core because they will compromise its structural stability.

The style of bunker core I, and many other builders, ALWAYS create with minimum modifications is seen here. It’s the smallest size possible, with corner pieces to help reduce the footprint even further. When the ramp is directed away from the road, cars may also reach the structure from the opposite side. A crane (temporarily removed for clarification) can also be put on top of the bunker to help clear the area surrounding it.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Base Upgrades

On the right side of the bunker base menu, you can see how far you’ve progressed with upgrades (seen below). “Player activity,” which the developers have not properly described, aids upgrade progress. The number of people that have placed their spawn at this bunker, followed by the amount of supplies transported to and confined within the bunker base, is known to be the most crucial part of this. The speed is said to be influenced by player proximity, respawning, and item assembly, although the most essential factor is simply setting player spawns.

Another key component of unlocking base improvements is voting. Voting guarantees that the player activity you give is concentrated on a particular item rather than being distributed among the other unlocks by default, despite the fact that it is not thought to add to “player activity.” You can only vote for a base upgrade if it is currently being unlocked, as shown by a green checkmark inside the square. Completed base upgrades are represented by solid white squares, whereas incomplete upgrades are represented by partially filled squares, with progress shown by the black backdrop being filled up by the brighter background. Improvements that aren’t available are comparable to upgrades that aren’t finished.

I propose posting a banner near your bunker base core asking people to set their spawn and vote for the relevant improvements to encourage them to do so. Keep in mind that placing the sign too near to the bunker base will restrict access to the bunker base.

Each upgrade is listed below, along with an estimate of how long it will take with only one person and a spawn set, with upgrade times lowering when more players or other “player activities” are added. They are presented in the order in which I (and many others) advocate completing them, however this order may be changed to suit your needs.

UpgradeUnlock TimeFunction
Provisional Garrison (Tier 1 AI)<30 minutesAI with sufficient player activity
Small Garrison (Tier 2 AI)<24 hoursAI without player activity + No decay with supplies
Rifle Garrison (RG)<30 minutesAllows RG construction
Large Garrison (T3 AI)<72 hoursReduces upkeep supply cost
Machine Gun Garrison (MG)<1 hourAllows MG construction
Anti-Tank Gun Garrison (ATG)<24 hoursAllows ATG construction
Observation Bunkers (OB)<1 hourAllows OB construction
Concrete Structures<24 hoursAllows T3 bunker construction
Howitzer Garrison (HG)<72 hoursAllows HG construction
Deployment Point<72 hoursAllows players to deploy here from the home region
Advanced Bunkers<72 hoursAllows SC/IC construction

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Pillboxes and Watchtowers

Pillboxes and watchtowers are extremely inexpensive to build and quite effective. Although I do not suggest using them in large, sophisticated bunker bases, they are extremely valuable for defending town perimeters and supply lines, as well as protecting the work area while a bunker base is being built.

All three types of pillboxes (Rifle, Machine Gun, and Anti-Tank) are valuable, and I recommend that you position them in about equal numbers wherever they are needed. Friendly soldiers can enter these pillboxes for safety, and if AI is activated, the pillboxes will shoot adversaries automatically.

Those with radios can get map information (the position of opponents and friendly forces) from watchtowers within 80 metres of the tower. I advocate spamming them with overlapping range anywhere you need them.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Garrisons, Engines, and Observation Bunkers

As previously stated, each of these constructions will weaken the bunker’s structural integrity in different ways. The specific amounts of SI reduction are unfortunately unknown, although the relative levels are widely established.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Rifle Garrisons

If AI is engaged, Rifle Garrisons (RGs) have a range of 30 metres in all directions (measured from the centre of the bunker piece) and will shoot at any enemy troops within range. If players can reach the garrison’s interior, they may get to the second level (by default, by pressing Q), which provides them a greater perspective of the surrounding region and makes shooting into trenches simpler. When a player is inside, the AI continues to work.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Machine Gun Garrisons

Machine Gun Garrisons (MGs) have a tight field of fire (90 degrees) with a range of 35 metres, and will shoot at any enemy infantry within range if AI is engaged, similar to the RG. They can handle enormous numbers of soldiers, but because to their rigidity, I propose that they be utilised only in exceptional circumstances, such as a bunker erected in a choke point (e.g. bridges, between mountains, etc.).

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Anti-Tank Gun Garrisons

aAnti-Tank Gun Garrisons (ATGs) can only be built on Tier 2 bunkers and have a 180-degree field of fire with a 30-meter range. If AI is enabled, they will shoot at any vehicles within range. ATGs, on the other hand, have a 50-meter “retaliation” or “aggro” range in which they may aim at vehicles that have damaged them. ATGs are quite successful in deterring vehicle attacks, especially in the early to mid-war period.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Howitzer Garrisons

Howitzer Garrisons (HGs) may only be built on Tier 3 bunkers and have a range of 400 metres and an intermediate field of fire (120 degrees). In retribution for bunker damage, they can fire at any opponent (infantry, vehicles, emplacements, pillboxes, and even other garrisons) (e.g. HE grenades, rockets, tank shells, and artillery). By whatever method, HGs are quite successful at deterring assault.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Engine Room

With the use of utility pipes, Engine Rooms (or Generators) give electricity to your bunker base. They must be fueled with diesel to operate (maximum capacity of 200 gallons) and will give power for 48 hours when fully charged. Garrisons require electricity to operate at night, with sufficient power signalled by a searchlight on the garrison’s roof. Because engine rooms have a substantial influence on bunker structural integrity, it’s best to maintain engine bunkers isolated from garrison bunkers.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Observation Bunker

Observation Bunkers (OB, Observation Tower, etc.) are similar to watch towers but have double the range (160 metres), which may be enhanced further with bunker upgrades. They consume far more energy than garrisons.

In general, I advocate placing RGs along and within your bunker base, with their firefields substantially overlapping. Although they have a broad field of fire, they can only deal with a small number of adversaries at a time, making them vulnerable to infantry mammon assaults.

ATGs should be stationed around the perimeter of your bunker base, pointing outward (obviously) or wherever the adversary is likely to approach. It is not required for their fire fields to overlap heavily; they are plenty on their own, though more is always desirable. Some people like to have many facing roads or choke spots in their designs.

If you prefer to plan ahead of time and include HGs in your bunker base, they should be placed behind other garrison pieces in the same bunker so that they may respond if your RGs/ATGs are assaulted. They’re really effective, but they have a big influence on your bunker’s SI. I propose that you lay all of your desired “footprints” (the sticks and thread) before you start excavating your bunkers and trenches.

Because the “hitbox” of full bunkers is greater than the footprints, complete bunkers might restrict you from putting additional bunker pieces nearby when building particularly space-efficient/compact bunker layouts. If you’re worried about an enemy attack before the concrete is finished, I also advocate avoiding garrisons and relying only on pillboxes. This is because damaged garrisons do not leave a rubble “footprint” that can be easily restored, and re-placing your garrison pieces may require you to fully demolish your bunker base.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Structural Integrity

A single bunker in this game is made up of any number of bunker PIECES (i.e. the square and triangular pieces that you may piece together and dig) that are not divided by trenches. Each of these bunker pieces has a health pool, which rises with the addition of a bunker piece but decreases the SI.

The real health of the bunker is determined by SI, which is always smaller than the sum of the individual parts’ health. To put it another way, adding bunker components will raise the bunker’s health pool but will have decreasing returns. As a result, creating single bunkers with a large number of bunker pieces is not recommended; beyond a certain point, new pieces will start to appear REDUCE the overall health of your bunker.

Construction of additional buildings in the bunker section, such as garrisons, generators, and observation bunkers, also has an influence on structural stability. The roles of these will be discussed in a later section, but keep in mind that adding them to bunkers will degrade their structural integrity even more, and by varying degrees.

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide

Foxhole Bunker Base Guide – Selecting a Location

This is a critical phase in the process that will have an impact on your job for the rest of your time in the present battle. You are free to select any available area near the front, albeit you run the danger of your base getting PVE’d by a solitary tank player while it is being built because no one cares to visit it.

Alternatively, you may select a site in the far reaches of the battlefield, where resources are plentiful and safety is certain, but your base will either never be utilized or will be steamrolled at the conclusion of the conflict when the population has dropped.

If you want to build a concrete behemoth that lasts weeks, halts offensives, and changes the tide of war, you’ll need to pick a site that balances the two factors I stated above, among others. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Ensure that your bunker core is located along a road at all times. When you don’t have access to the road, logistics become a nightmare, and no one will assist you replenish your base when the enemy attacks.
  • Place your bunker complex in a strategically vital region; its aim is to defend other key structures or sites on the map, not to maintain itself.
  • Mines, farms, refineries, factories, and seaports are ideal examples of major constructions or places. This will make it easier to supply your bunker, while such luxuries may not be available if your bunker is meant to safeguard a relic base. In any event, knowing where the closest sources of various resources are is critical.
  • Recognize that terrain and obstructions might obstruct your capacity to construct. It’s advisable to stay away from trees, rough terrain, and other potential hazards.
  • Rocks and structures can sometimes be utilised to your benefit, but they are more often than not a vulnerability in your bunker stronghold.

It can be difficult to find a place to build your bunker, especially on Shard 1 where all of the massive clans will have built massive bunkers in every important region on the map within a few hours of the war starting, but these bunkers will inevitably be destroyed, and people will be needed to jump at the chance to build bunkers in newly occupied regions.

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