Fortnite has recently released Chapter 3: Season 1, and they aren’t wasting any time in introducing some fresh promos to the game. This one is a tribute to Gears of War, who will have costumes for sale in the Item Shop. If you’re hunting for freebies, you won’t come away empty-handed. The Crimson Omen Spray may be obtained by completing the Delta-One Challenges in the game. In this lesson, we’ll lead you through one of those missions, which involves crouching behind a barrier.

Crouch Behind a Barrier

Go to Greasy Grove on the map to identify the position of the barrier you need to crouch behind. Go to the southern end of it, to the petrol station’s garage area. There will be a barrier with the Gear of War logo on it!

Fortnite Crouch Behind a Barrier Location

Fortnite Crouch Behind a Barrier Location

Greasy Grove is in the southwest corner of the map. It is now snow-covered and consists primarily of a little village with a few dwellings and one large fast food establishment. The petrol station is on the south-eastern side of the area, and the garage you need to go to is on the south side.

When you arrive, look for the cement barrier with the red gear and skull insignia on it. All you have to do is approach it and crouch behind it. This should result in the mission being completed. If it doesn’t, try kneeling around different parts of the barrier until it does!

Fortnite Crouch Behind a Barrier Location

So that’s everything there is to know about the Fortnite Crouch Behind a Barrier Location, hope you enjoyed it.

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