When it comes to things to do and places to see in Far Cry 6, the game never disappoints. The universe of Yara is a large, open-world environment with a colourful cast of individuals, a dozen military objectives and operations, and even treasure hunts. The order in which you explore is totally up to you, although the regions are ranked, thus Dani Rojas will have more problems in El Este than in Madrugada.

Far Cry 6 Map Guide Region and Rank described

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Esperanza, being the capital of Yara, is under heavy military control. This is because Anton Castillo and his son Diego live there. You may recall that this is where your tale began as Dani Rojas during your first attempt to flee Yara at the start of Far Cry 6. That, however, did not go as planned.Because this is the home of Far Cry 6’s antagonist, you should expect it to be heavily monitored by enemy soldiers, making things difficult for you as a guerrilla fighter. We recommend waiting until the major storey operations instruct you to enter Esperanza. Despite the military lockdown, Esperanza is a lovely region to visit when the weather is nice.

Valle De Oro

We propose going to Valle De Oro after your time in Madrugada has come to an end. This area is densely populated by Yaran adolescents, including members of Maximas Matanzas, a rap group fronted by Talia and Paolo.

You’ll be doing the same thing during the primary questline named Meet Maximas Matanzas, just as you did when you struggled to convince the Montero family to assist you and Libertad in your fight for independence from Castillo. You’ll have to get the youths of Yara on your side by undertaking operations with them to demonstrate them why they need to join you. Because the characters in this location are so colourful, you’re sure to have a good time.

Maria Marquessa – the Minister of Culture — is the primary antagonist in this region. As the plot of Valle De Oro progresses, you’ll quickly see that Marquessa is a serious issue. In addition, you can unlock another Amigo in Valle De Oro: Boom Boom, a delightful Easter Egg that will transport fans back to Far Cry 5. Follow the complete article to find out more about Far Cry 6 Map Guide Region and Rank.

El Este

Unruly pupils and revered Legends from previous revolutions collide in El Este. More forests and mountains will engulf this location, therefore the Wingsuit you should have unlocked in Madrugada will be extremely useful.

You must complete the main questline, Meet the Legends, during your stay in El Este. You’ll need to work with two groups, bringing them together and encouraging them to join Libertad in combat. The Legends of ’67, who dwell high in the mountains and once launched a revolution against Castillo’s father, are the first group.

The second is La Moral, which is led by El Este’s youngsters, Yelena and Jonrón. Because these two factions don’t get along, it’s up to you to persuade them to work together in order to overthrow Anton Castillo and the other key freedom fighters you’ve recruited thus far.

Additionally, it is in El Este where you will be able to unlock Chicharrón, a wicked punk rooster. He’s a murderous machine, and the quests to unlock him are particularly enjoyable, so we recommend devoting some time to finding Chicharrón throughout your quest for freedom.


Madrugada is the first of the three primary regions where you will spend the most of your time. It’s easy to wander about aimlessly, but we recommend spending some time here before moving on. The Viviro plantation, which is so important to Far Cry 6’s storey and Anton Castillo’s government, is located in Madrugada, a tobacco-growing region.

You will begin the primary questline, Meet the Monteros, in this region. You’ll meet a lot of tobacco producers, but none more so than the Montero family, who have a long history with Yara. You’ll be taken to the Montero Farm in the Mogote Foothills, where you can start building your first Guerilla Camp.

Far Cry 6 Map Guide Region and Rank

Isla Santuario

Your starting region is Isla Santuario, and just north of it is a much smaller island that is home to Libertad HQ. This is where your Far Cry 6 journey begins, and Libertad Island, a neighbouring smaller area of land, is essentially your base from which you can recruit more Libertad warriors at any time.

While you don’t spend much time on this island, it’s always great to return to Isla Santuario or Libertad HQ when you’re tired of being surrounded by enemy soldiers and want to explore without being bothered.

This concludes the list of Far Cry 6 Map Guide Region and Rank.

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