Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes & Updates 2022

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Good morning, men! Please refer to the information, updates, and Evil Hunter Tycoon coupon codes shown below. This time, the Darkness’ Front Yard will signal the start of a ferocious guild fight! A breathtaking battle between seasoned hunters!

  • Choose 10 top hunters in the guild with more than 80,000 fighting power!
  • Create a guild war squad with no more than four members in each occupation group!
  • Place 10 hunters carefully among the 16 positions!
  • Annihilate the opposition team to get the winning bonus!
  • Right now, go over to the Battlefield of Victory!

About the Game and Evil Hunter Tycoon

[Game Elements]

The planet has been destroyed by the Dark Lord, who also annihilated everything.

  • The frantic game of survival for the survivors has begun!
  • Turn become a Town Chief! 
  • Take care of everything, from town development to crafting, commerce, and Hunter training!
  • Assemble Top Tank Hunters, and defend the city!
  • Visitors to the town are Hunters of one of four Classes.
  • Their Class, Tier, and traits are arbitrary!
  • Top Tier Hunters can also be invited with goods!
  • Powerful Hunters build up Town. Utilize the town’s resources to raise hunters!
  • The bounty hut Gives hunters monster-hunting mission! 
  • Additionally, stuff!
  • launched Town Chief’s Academy! 
  • Teach hunters the skill and the hidden method!
[Enhancement Forge] 
  • Create modifications to Hunter’s gear!
  • Hunters may swiftly level up by training on the training ground. 
  • Reincarnation will make you stronger!
  • Sacred Ground of Resurrection Grows forever through a perpetual rebirth! To make your Hunters more unique, learn specific qualities!
  • A variety of contents outside the city! 
  • Hunters, go!

  • Explore dungeons in search of valuables and rare minerals!
[Field Boss] 
  • Horn blast! 
  • vanquish the boss by summoning it!
  • Fight the Hunters of other towns! 
  • Become the final survivor! “You have the key to the future of humanity.

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Playstore: 4.7 out of 5Star                                                                                                           

Active Latest Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes list:-

Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon codes Although codes can be difficult, they are an essential component of the game. You must develop excellent hacking techniques if you want your game to get better and for you to be able to play without interruption. When playing games on our own terms, we all utilise cheating to reduce distractions—not because we want to breach the rules or injure other players.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes November

  • OXEHT – Redeem this gift code for Arcane Hunter Invitation x3 (Valid until December 18th, 2022) (New)
  • AIRSHIPNOW – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300 (Valid until December 16th, 2022) (New)

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The Latest Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes is a game-changer.

If you not sure how to use Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes? It’s quite simple! Simply follow a few easy instructions.

  1. Step 1:  Open the Official EviHomel Hunter Tycoon Website here.
  2. Step 2: Now enter the coupon code and click on the ‘Register Coupon’ button.
  3. Step 3: Now enter your in-game name and click on the ‘Register Coupon’ button again to get free rewards.

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