Enable Blue Light Filter on Xbox Series X, The Xbox Series X UI update includes 4K resolution, Night Mode, a Blue Light Filter, and other features. To enable the Blue Light Filter, go to Settings, then Accessibility, Night Mode, and finally Display.The Night Mode Display includes options for dimming the screen and applying a Blue Light Filter.

The Blue Light Filter option includes a bar for adjusting the filter’s strength, giving users the ability to customize it.

Because the Blue Light Filter is a component of Night Mode, users can choose when Night Mode is activated or leave it on at all times. Users can configure Night Mode to only include the Blue Light Filter, but there are also options to disable the HDR display and change the brightness of the Xbox logo lights on the console and controller.

The Night Mode Display settings are shown below, comparing screens with no Night Mode and one with Dim at nearly 50% and Blue Light Filter at nearly 90%. The transformation is dramatic, but the settings can be tweaked to suit individual tastes.

How to Enable Blue Light Filter on Xbox Series X

Enable Blue Light Filter on Xbox Series X

The Blue Light Filter will allow users to adjust the screen to reduce eye strain. “Blue wavelengths—which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most disruptive at night,” according to a Harvard Medical School article. Harvard researchers discovered that blue light suppressed melatonin for roughly twice as long as the green light.

Blue Light Filter on Xbox Series X

By turning down the blue light on an Xbox Series X, users can reduce the strain on their eyes and avoid sleep disruptions caused by continuous blue light exposure.

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