We go over the basics of the Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay in this guide.

Players had the chance to try out one of the five playable classes that will be available at launch during the recent Elden Ring Closed Network Test. Choosing the ideal class in-game can have a significant impact on how you construct your character and, as a result, your overall gameplay experience.

Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay described

Similarly, we take a look at the Enchanted Knight, one of the five starting classes. From its beginning stats to weapons and armour, here’s all you need to know under the Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay.

Elden Ring Enchanted Knight

Starting stats for the Enchanted Knight

As its highest beginning numbers demonstrate, the Enchanted Knight is all about Intelligence, Strength, Mind, Dexterity, and Endurance.
The Enchanted Knight class is appropriate for people who prefer to play as a committed mage or spell-casting swordsman, as it has the highest base Intelligence stat at 16, Strength at 15, Mind at 13, Dexterity at 12, and Endurance at 11. The Enchanted Warrior class, like the other Elden Ring classes we’ve seen thus far, begins at level 5.

Starting weapons & armour for Enchanted Knight

With the starting numbers in mind, the Enchanted Knight combines high Intelligence and Strength for players who want to deal a lot of magic damage or supplement melee assaults with magic.

The Carian Glintstone Shield, which is the pinnacle of the Enchanted Knight’s armour, is very impressive. The main attributes of the Carian Glintstone Shield are its 100 physical damage reduction while blocking and 100 critical damage when attacking, making it one of the best shields in Elden Ring.

All of the beginning weapons, armour, and sorceries for the under Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay are mentioned below.

  • Winged Spear
  • Carian Glintstone Shield
  • Carian  Sorcerer Staff
  • Carian Knight Helm
  • Carian Knight Gleaves
  • Carian Knight Armor
  • Carian Knight Gauntlets
  • Glintstone Pebble
  • Carian Piercer

The Enchanted Knight class also comes equipped with two flasks of Crimson Tears, which heal HP, and two flasks of Cerulean Tears, which recover FP, to help you last longer in battle.

Similarly, if you require additional sorceries for your weapon construction, proceed to Lingrave in Post Town Remains and speak with the merchant, Sorceress Selen.
Granted, depending on the build you’re going for, players can locate a variety of equipment, like as weapons and armour pieces, to boost specific attributes. As a result, the Enchanted Knight’s starting gear should serve players well in the early phases of the game.

Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay

Enchanted Knight’s playstyle in Elden Ring

The Enchanted Knight class is described as follows by FromSoftware: “These Knights have embraced the power of Glintstone, fighting adversaries in melee combat while casting spells at the same time.” They frequently hunt out and eliminate anyone who use magic.

Players will want to use casting sorceries as their primary type of assault because the Enchanted Knight closely resembles the “Sorcerer” class in Dark Souls. This is especially advantageous because the Enchanted Knight will begin the game with two sorceries: the Glintstone Pebble and the Carian Piercer.

Despite this, the Enchanted Knight class can employ these sorceries in combination with the Winged Speak or Carian Sorcerer Staff to cause a lot of magic damage rather than physical damage. Players that construct their character around supplementing melee strikes with magic damage can outperform practically every adversary and boss they face in the Lands Between.

The Enchanted Knight class is well-suited for equipping heavier weapons and armour, which should improve your critical damage attacks without sacrificing your Strength values, thanks to their strong Strength and Intelligence stats.

Because the Enchanted Knight class is all about combining melee strikes with sorceries for increased damage, its high Intelligence and Strength, as well as its formidable shield, may be too much for many of the opponents you’ll encounter.

The Enchanted Knight class is sure to become a new fan favourite among Soulsborne gamers, and it is the finest class to start with for beginners.

This concludes the Elden Ring Enchanted Knight class guide Weapons armour stats gameplay guide.

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