Dysterra Playtest Server Guide will show you how to make your own Dysterra servers. Please follow the steps in the instructions as carefully as possible. Some of the settings described in this tutorial may have an impact on the security and functionality of your computer.

Dysterra Playtest Server Guide – Setting up Port Forwarding for clients to access the server

Configure port forwarding on your personal Inter router or switch so that external clients can connect to the server PC.

  • TCP Local Port 27015(Default): SRCDS Rcon Port
  • UDP Local Port 27015(Default): GamePlay Traffic

Activate the “Tools” filter in the list box above the search bar,

if it does not appear in the list

Install Dysterra Playtest Dedicated Server

Run Dysterra Playtest Dedicated Server

Check if Steam is shut down

Dysterra Dedicated Server does not work while Steam is running. Press Yes (Y) in order to proceed. *As you press Yes (Y), Steam Launcher process will shut down.

After running the program, Notepad for world setting will show up.

Save the world setting file and exit Notepad in order to start the game server.

Accessing to player’s Custom Server

  1. Log in to your Steam account
  2. Run Dysterra Playtest
  3. Click “Custom Server” from the lobby
  4. Check the Custom Server list shown on the right side of the screen and press “Join” or double click the server you wish to join.


  1. If the other computer is using 27015 Port, you must change it to a different Port.
    Available Ports: 27015~27030
  2. Go to Dysterra Dedicated Server folder downloaded from Steam
  3. After setting up the port forwarding on the Internet router or switch, right-click the ConfigAndRunServer.bat file and click Edit
  4. Enter the changed port forwarding value into QueryPort
Dysterra Playtest Server Guide

How to run multiple servers

  1. When running multiple servers, open both TCP and UDP ports from 27015~27030
    -You can open a server per each port
  2. Create a folder by copying the Dysterra Dedicated Server folder downloaded from Steam
  3. Right-click on ConfigAndRunServer.bat file in the copied folder and click edit
  4. Enter added port forwarding value in QueryPort
  5. If the custom server is not showing up in the game even with the above method, turn off the firewall and run the program

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