DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough, This article contains SPOILERS (Alert)!

This guide will assist you in locating and/or solving some of the game’s riddles and secrets.

Check the complete Dysmantle Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough guide to know more!

The Arcade

You can find an arcade that lets you play the (gem) combination game “Gembine”.

The following are the coordinates for Canaveral: 1612° 507°

  • Tip 1: It’s essentially the game “2048,” but with a new graphical format (gems instead of numbers).
  • Tip 2: As a general rule, you should play (primarily) with three direction keys and concentrate higher-level items in one of the square’s four corners.
  • Tip 3: Stay away from low-level gems on the lines that run parallel to the edge. Low-level gems should be placed in the centre. That way, they can get another low-level combo gem from two different routes.
  • Tip 4: When you go above 15.000, use the right-hand preview to help you make smarter judgments.

Here’s what happens next:

After you beat the game’s highscore of 54.000 points, you’ll receive the following message:

(You won’t be able to find the buried arcade unless you beat the highscore!!!)

“Something unusual is taking place. The highest possible score has been adjusted to:

[Solaris] @ 215° 713°

What you will receive:

  • Every time you get there after dying! 2 mana shards, 4 electronics (Perhaps it’s a bug?)

The Chest of Waterfalls: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

You might have been curious about how to get to the chest by the waterfall in Westport, which is located at 339° 338°.

  • Tip 1: Examine the surroundings thoroughly.
  • Tip 2: Take a risk and take a chance.
  • Tip 3: Are you familiar with the philosopher’s stone(s)?


Starting at the coordinates above, there is an unseen walkway between the stones in the water.

You will receive a recipe.

The Ocean Door: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

The mystery of how to open the ocean door remains unanswered. It is not yet possible to open it (as well as the red chest next to it).

It can be found at 179° 284° on the Frost Horn.

The angular vault door can also be found at the landing pad(2) and other locations, such as next to the Crown’s shelter bunker(1). It’s very likely that there’s a section of the Undercrown that we don’t have access to yet that will allow us to get to this red chest later.

With well directed grenade throws from above, you can already shatter the chest.

However, you will only receive materials from the damaged chest as a result of this.

This is a bug in my opinion, and I believe you will be able to acquire a recipe /aliud when the entire game launches on November 16th, 2021.

The Ocean Door DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

(The red chest next to the door isn’t in the screenshot since I demolished it.) It’s dangerous to jump down.)

(*1) @Crown 934° 472° Door 1

(*2) Door 2 (@Crown 956° 469°)

(*2) Door 3 (@Crown – Landingpad bunker)

(*2) Door 4 (@Crown 1019° 508°)

An Unknown Enemy: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

An Unknown Enemy under DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough is described below:

When you open this portion of the menu, you can notice that you’re missing an opponent kind from your “collection,” and you want to figure out what it is so you can complete your encyclopaedia.

Tip 1: In the (Sunburn) desert, don’t forget your water.

Tip 2:It will only hunt you down once you have died.


Vultures. They can be found in the “Sunburn Desert.”

What you should do is:

To be on a same height level to the birds, you must acquire the hunting gun and travel up the desert hills (you cannot shoot upwards much). Then wait for them to get within a few feet of you, aim, and pull the trigger. To hit them, you might have to aim UNDER them.

Because the “hitbox” (the invisible programmed grid/raster where you must aim to land the shot) lies beneath the bird rather than on top of the graphical model, this is the case. If your mouse is within the hitbox while aiming, the optical marking (cross) will appear on the bird.

What you will receive:

One egg per kill, plus one entry in the encyclopaedia. That is all there is to it. You must hunt 8-9 to get the entire entry (enemy name/type | description | drops).
The Telephone (Red)
On Ark level 2, the (one) red telephone may be located in the king’s bunker.

What about it?

When you talk to the red phone, you’ll get the following message:

“The phone hasn’t rung yet,” implying that something will happen later.

On the map beside it, you can see some red blotches all around the island (s).

Those are the red points…

… not the (mana) campfires the protagonist has made, contrary to popular belief. They’re actually indicators of densely populated areas (cities etc.).

What you should do is:

Unknown at this time.

We assumed earlier that you’d have to gain ascension level 3 on all of the map’s link towers and clear the map of all enemies. Unfortunately, it is false — at least for the present version of the game (disproven). There were a few hypotheses floating about, including one that there are telephones at the designated locations that must be “activated” in a specific order.

However, they were eventually abandoned after one of the devs stated on the Discord server that “there is presently nothing you can do with the phone.” …so… apologies, people. Let us hope for a future implementation!

What you will receive:

Nobody has done it yet (as far as I’m aware), because it’s a tedious grind. To reach ascension level 3, Serpent’s Crossing alone contains around 334 opponents that must be vanquished 3-4 times (= >1000 enemies). Please let me know if you were able to complete it and what occurred next!

Trivia: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

Trivia under DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough is described below:

The “Moscow-Washington-Hotline” is most likely referred to by the “red telephone.”

This mechanism enables direct communication between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation (formerly: Soviet Union). Although it was popularly known as the “red telephone,” the hotline was never a phone line, and no red phones were used. Although it had been discussed before, it was finally implemented after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, because communications delivered through indirect communication channels took 6-12 hours to decode, which was an excessively lengthy time for a conflict that may have resulted in nuclear war.

On June 20, 1963, in Geneva, Switzerland (via repres. ), the two countries signed the “Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Establishment of a Direct Communications Line” for the first time.

For the first time, they formally took steps to reduce the possibility of mistakenly launching a nuclear war, therefore establishing the system.

A Strange Door: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

Have you managed to locate it yet? It’s easy to

spot on the map, albeit it’s no longer marked as a point of interest (POI).

Have you ever played the game “Blind Man’s Bluff/Buff”? In addition, the entryway is in a “warm spot.” It’s even possible that you’ll acquire a sunburn!


The “Surreal door” can be found at 612° 672° in the Sunburn Desert.

What’s the big deal?

Opening the door is now one of the most difficult tasks in the game – if you want to do it correctly. It gives you access to a special and hidden section of the storey.

How to get it open:

It can only be accessed at a specific time of day/night* (it glows a ghostly blue) and requires the “Surreal Key.”

*(I’ve discovered that the door is open at 23:00-24:00 / 11-12 p.m.

The difficult aspect is obtaining the surreal key:

The Waterfall Chest: DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough

Have you ever died while playing? So, let me tell you a little bit about that.

You’ll discover a skeleton of yourself to loot when you return to the location of your most recent death, right?

So, if you die before you get there, your old skeleton evaporates and is replaced by a newer one, right?

Now apply that to what you know about the story…

The protagonist, as we will see, is the one-armed king. When the archaeologists, led by Abby, drop cyanide gas into the one-armed king’s tomb (he was buried alive because the protagonist is immortal and always gets restored after death at the closest source of mana = camp fires), the one-armed king is killed.

The bizarre key is held by the one-armed king for unexplained reasons. To obtain it, you must pass ALL of the game’s tombs and reach the tomb of the one-armed monarch with a gas mask WITHOUT DIEING!

In the tomb, you’ll find the skeleton of the one-armed king, which you can pillage (since it is technically your last point of death).

Your skeleton in the tomb fades as soon as you die, and the most recent skeleton appears on the map.

If you can clear all of the other tombs without dying and find the king’s bones, you can plunder him and get the SURREAL KEY.
Now all you have to do is get to the strange door and figure out what’s beyond it.

The door can now be opened, however the level behind it has yet to be built. So, if you want to know what’s behind it, you’ll have to wait until November 16th, 2021, when the game is released.

Tip: In the main menu, under the second tab “Save Slots,” you may simply create a new game and add a second save slot. You can also try using the Alt key.

Alternatively, you can change your save with the devkit OR edit it in some other way (I’m not sure how) — Route must be saved: C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\10tons\DYSMANTLE\save
Unsolved Mysteries (number 8)

The section UNRESOLVED MYSTERIESTM is dedicated to the mysteries of mysteries!

Have you discovered a fabled “item” in Dysmantle?

Have you solved a riddle or solved a mystery that has already been solved? Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to be remembered for E T E R N I T Y (I’ll include your username in the discovery)! \s​\s​\s (Pestilence may be caused by eternity.) When commenting under this guidance, the author does not guarantee your medical safety or wellbeing.)

The Pirate / Jolly Roger Trap Door

@ 1036° 741°

Discovered by the legendary parliame aqua

This concludes the DYSMANTLE Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough.

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