Disgaea RPG Tier List is an active-time mobile RPG for players who are sick of being the protagonist. In it, you control villains (and villains-to-be) from the Disgaea series. Plus, in true Disgaea fashion, it has the same witty humor, chibi-style art, and a massive 9,999 level cap. Read the complete article to find out more about Disgaea RPG Tier List Updated.

What you should know about the Disgaea RPG team builds

A good Disgaea RPG team builds comp does not need to have an all-four-star roster; your characters simply need to work well together. This means that each team must always have a balanced mix of damage dealers, support characters, and healers. Disgaea RPG team builds

The Forte of each individual character is also important for synergy. This is the weapon (or, more often, weapons) in which a character is proficient. The type of skills they get is affected by Forte, which usually benefits characters with the same Forte. Find below the Disgaea RPG Tier List Updated

Disgaea RPG Tier List Updated

Disgaea RPG Tier List

Disgaea RPG Tier List, with that in mind, here is a list of the best characters in the game

Character ForteRoleTier
Awakened RozalinGun, StaffSingle target DPS, SupportS
DescoClawAoE DPSS
FukaAxeSingle target DPSS
Girl LaharlSword, KnuckleSingle target DPSS
LaharlSword, Knuckle, AxeSingle target DPSS
Pure SicilySword, WandBuffer, HealerS
Tyrant ValvatorezSword, SpearSingle target DPS, AoE DPSS
ValvatorezSword, SpearSingle target DPSS
Attired RozalinBow, Gun, WandBuffer, HealerA
Dark ArtinaSword, Knuckle, WandBuffer, DebufferA
Dark Santa LaharlSword, Knuckle, AxeSingle target DPS, BufferA
KilliaSword, KnuckleSingle target DPSA
Kyoko NeedleworkerSword, KnuckleAoE DPS, DebufferA
Majin EtnaSpear, Gun, AxeSingle target DPSA
Ms. RaspberylMedalBuffer, HealerA
Pure FlonneWandBuffer, HealerA
UsaliaClaw, MedalBufferA
YukimaruSword, BowSingle target DPS, BufferA
AdellKnuckleSingle target DPSB
ArtinaBow, Gun, WandBuffer, HealerB
Asuka CranekickSword, Spear, BowAoE DPS, Buffer,
AxelSword, KnuckleSingle target DPSB
AyameKnuckle, Spear, AxeTank, BufferB
BloodisKnuckleSingle target DPSB
Bunny SeraphinaBow, GunBufferB
Celestial HostSword, Spear, WandAoE DPS, BufferB
Dark KnightSword, Spear, AxeAoE DPS, BufferB
Death (White)MedalBuffer, DebufferB
Easter MaoSword, WandSingle target DPS, AoE DPSB
EmizelBow, WandBuffer, DebufferB
EtnaSpear, Gun, AxeSingle target DPS, AoE DPSB
Fallen Angel FlonneBow, WandBuffer, HealerB
Felynn (Red)ClawBufferB
Felynn (Yellow)ClawBufferB
FenrichKnuckleSingle target DPSB
GordonGun. AxeSingle target DPSB
Love OracleWandBuffer, HealerB
MaoSword, WandSingle target DPS, BufferB
(all four types)
MedalSingle target DPS, BufferB
NoelWandBuffer, HealerB
ProfessorGun, WandBufferB
Rifle Demon
RozalinBow, Gun, WandBufferB
SapphireGun, AxeBuffer, Debuffer,
SeraphinaBow, GunSingle target DPSB
SicilyWandAoE DPS, HealerB
ThursdayClawTank, DebufferB
BarbaraSword, Spear, AxeSingle target DPS, TankC
FubukiKnuckle, AxeAoE DPSC
GunnerKnuckle, GunSinger target DPS, BufferC
KurtisClawSingle target DPS, BufferC
Mid-BossClawBuffer, DebufferC
PirateSword, Bow,
Gun, Axe
Singer target DPS,
AoE DPS, Buffer
Red MagnusSpear, AxeSingle target DPS, AoE DPSC
Star SkullWandBufferC
VirungaBow, WandBuffer, DebufferC
XenolithSword, SpearSingle target DPSC
Flora Beast
(all four types)
MedalAoE DPS, HealerD
Lady SamuraiSwordSingle target DPS, BufferD
Star MageWandBufferD
Winged Warrior

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