Welcome to Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters Tier List, here we’ve described about the Heroes in Darkest Dungeon 2 are separated into classes based on their specialties. With the many talents they possess, each character may perform distinct roles in combat.

Different heroes of the same class have the same beginning attributes and can employ the same abilities; the only difference between them is what they’ve learned and, more importantly, what idiosyncrasies they have.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters Tier List

TiersHero ClassUnlocked At
S+ TierPlague DoctorStarting Profile Level
S TierHighwaymanStarting Profile Level
S TierMan-at-ArmsStarting Profile Level
A TierHellionProfile Level 3
A TierJesterProfile Level 9
A TierLeperProfile Level 12
B TierGrave RobberStarting
B TierOccultistProfile Level 15
B TierRunawayProfile Level 6

Darkest Dungeon Hero Resistances

Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters Tier List
Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters Tier List
Hero ClassStunBlightDiseaseDeath BlowMoveBleedDebuffTrap
Bounty Hunter40%30%20%67%40%30%30%40%
Grave Robber20%50%30%67%20%30%30%50%
Plague Doctor20%60%50%67%20%20%50%20%

This concludes the Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters Tier List.

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