Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited, much-anticipated, and incredibly-hyped sequel to The Witcher series. This game is nothing like their Witcher titles in terms of gameplay. You play as a merc seeking to build a name for yourself in a society consisting of big companies, widespread crime, cruel cops, and everything in between in this game set in the future when individuals cybernetically change themselves. In terms of gameplay, this game feels like a combination of Outer Words and Deus Ex. You have the option of going in guns blazing, going covert, hacking your way through, or even talking your way out of some circumstances.

Cyberpunk 2077 Achievements

  • The first is Stanislavski’s Method (15G), which involves selecting 10 discussion options that are relevant to your life path. You’ll occasionally notice chat options with your life path bolded in front of them in main occupations and side jobs. To get this accomplishment out of the way, make it a point to pick them 10 times as soon as you see them. Make sure you don’t miss this because there are only so many dialogues throughout the game.
  • The second time is when you’re doing the major mission, ‘Search and Destroy.’ There is a crucial part of this mission that if you don’t complete will prevent you from obtaining the ending that unlocks The Devil Within (30G). I tried to keep the roadmap as spoiler-free as possible, however when you get to that big task, read the accomplishment solution described above to assure you don’t have to redo the entire tale.
  • Finally, there is a concert named ‘Psychofan’ that has an item of clothing that must be looted in order to unlock Breathtaking (30G). You won’t likely get to this concert until late in the game, but it does feature a missable item that you’ll need for an accomplishment.

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Achievements Location Implants Installation

You’ll see a group of three people at the drop spot. I selected this site because if you don’t have the ‘Reinforced Tendons’ implant, you can also climb an LCD tower, albeit it’s a bit more difficult and will require numerous attempts.

Cyberware is required for Cyberpunk 2077 implant installation

  • Berserk Operating System
  • Projectile Launching System
  • Tranquilizer Mod for the projectile launching system
  • Reinforced Tendons – Optional

Cyberpunk 2077 Implants Installation Guide

Using your projectile launch mechanism, begin shooting the gathering of opponents with NON-LETHAL projectiles.

  1. Arrange their NON-DECEASED corpses in a heap.
  2. You must save the game! If you make a mistake, it will just load from where you left it. Also, when you go on to the Gun Fu accomplishment, you won’t have to repeat the activities above.
  3. If you don’t have ‘Reinforced Tendons’ and are utilising the same position as me, there’s a tower directly next to them with some LCD displays that you may climb and do the leap from.

This concludes the guide for Cyberpunk 2077 Achievements Location Implants Installation.

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