Are you Looking for the Cuphead Boss Tier List?

Here’s the perfect guide for you. The boss battles are ranked from simplest to most difficult below. This will allow you to easily check out your adversaries while also teaching you about the difficulties. These rankings, as always, are based on my assessment of the gameplay and its mechanics. So, now that that’s out of the way, scroll down to see the Cuphead Bosses Tier List.

Cuphead Boss Tier List

King DiceS – TIER
Dr. Kahl’s RobotS – TIER
Rumor HoneybottomsA – TIER
The DevilA – TIER
Grim MatchstickA – TIER
Beppi The ClownA – TIER
Wally WarblesB – TIER
Djimmi The GreatB – TIER
Cala MariaB – TIER
Captain BrineybeardB – TIER
Baroness Von Bon BonC – TIER
Sally StageplayC – TIER
Phantom ExpressC – TIER
Ribby and CroaksC – TIER
Hilda BergC – TIER
Cagney CarnationD – TIER
Werner WermanD – TIER
Goopy Le GrandeD – TIER
The Root PackF – TIER

This concludes the Cuphead Boss Tier List.

Game General – Cuphead Boss

This is a list of Cuphead bosses. The combat bosses in the game take the guise of debtors, whose souls Cuphead and Mugman must steal in order to win The Devil’s bet. They are one of the game’s primary points, and they appear at various levels. Bosses might have as few as one phase (like the minibosses in All Bets Are Off!) or as many as five (such as Djimmi The Great). Whenever a boss battle begins, the announcer says one of the following lines:

  • “A brawl is surely brewing!”
  • “Here’s a real high class bout!”
  • “A great slam and then some!”
  • “This match will get red hot!”
  • “Good day for a swell battle!”
Cuphead Boss Tier List
Cuphead Boss Tier List

Then one of the following, accompanied by a “WALLOP!”

  • Now go!”
  • “You’re up!”
  • “Here goes!”
  • “It’s on!”
  • “And begin!”

When a boss is defeated, the announcer will yell “Knockout!” followed by the boss’s defeat stance.

If the player dies, they are met with a screen that simply states “YOU DIED!” followed by a “Death Card” with a comment from the boss ridiculing the player, frequently with them rhyming.

In the original Cuphead game, there are a total of 28 bosses (footage of each below). Inkwell Isles 1 and 2 each have five monsters, Isle 3 has seven, the showdown with King Dice has 10 (nine mini-bosses plus King Dice), and lastly, The Devil himself.

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