Coromon Potential Reader Guide 2022 & Updates

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We now invite everyone to join us. Learn more about the updates, codes, and other significant issues by reading the following sentences: Potential Reader for Coromon After defeating Voltgar, the player can pick up The Potential Reader from Nikola in the lab on Donar Island. It can be used to check a Coromon’s potential that is in a player’s team.

About the Game and Coromon Potential

You are all welcome here. By reading the words that follow, you can find out more about the updates, codes, and other important topics: Coromon Possibilities Potential is a stat that each Coromon has. Each Coromon has a Potential Value that ranges from 1 to 21, which influences both the frequency and number of Potential Unlocks they may obtain as well as the hue of their appearance. Each potential unlock comes with three extra stat points that can be utilized to raise any of their base stats. A Coromon with a potential of 21 can have up to 126 additional stat points, as opposed to a Coromon with a potential of 1 which can only have up to 66.

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Based on their potential, Coromons are divided into one of three groups. The category a Coromon belongs to affects how they look.

Category Potential Value Range Combined Odds (%)
Standard 1 to 16  (97.09%)
Potent 17 to 20  (2.88%)
Perfect 21  (0.03%)

Encounter Odds

Each wild encounter yields a random determination of a Coromon’s Potential Value. Titans and other trainers’ Coromon have preset potential; it is not based on chance.

Potential Value

When Coromon levels up, the potential value stat determines how many bonuses “Potential Stats” they will receive. Coromon has two XP bars in combat; one is for standard leveling up and the other is for potential stats.

Potential Stats

  • Gaining three more bonus stats to add to your base stats each time you level up the Potential Stats Bar (however you like).
  • A Standard Coromon will not gain as many Potential Stats as a Perfect Coromon will.
  • A Perfect Coromon has a maximum bonus stat cap of 126.

How To Catch Perfect Coromon

  • There is a 1/3194 probability of catching a perfect coromon. This indicates that there is just a 0.00031309 percent chance that a wild Coromon you encounter will be of Perfect potential. Yikes!
  • Fortunately, Coromon has some mechanics that let you increase your chances of finding a Perfect Potential Coromon.

Bonus Stat Points

When a Coromon’s experience points exceed the levels dictated by its potential stat, it will “awaken its potential” and get 3 potential points. All of Coromon’s base stats can receive a flat advantage of up to 60 points from applying these points, with the exception of SP, which can only accept up to 26.

Potential Points may be reset using the Pawbury reset devices, which can be found on the second level of the Trainer Hub. The Soft Resetinator will reset each Potential Point the player has assigned for a fee of GoldIcon.png3500. The Hard Resetinator will reset every Potential Point, even those that were arbitrarily given before the Coromon was captured, for a cost of GoldIcon.png6000.

Reading Potential

  • Changing Potential – A Potentiflator on the top level of Donar Island’s Trainer Hub for GoldIcon.png2500 may increase Coromon’s potential worth. Per Coromon, this can only be done once. When using a potentiator, the value will rise by at least 1. (for instance from 5 to 6). There is a possibility of increasing the value by more than one. The creators do note that “Coromon with higher potential have a decreased likelihood to potentiate more than 1 Potential value,” though. The player can have the opportunity to use more potential from skipped unlocks when a Coromon’s potential is enhanced.

Perfect Hunting Methods

  • It is advised to strive for Coromon with 20 Potential regardless of the technique because it is 4 times more likely to be obtained and may be enhanced using the Potentiflator, where it will undoubtedly become Perfect.
  • Potent Scents are presently the most often employed technique. It is advised to save your game before using a potent scent and catching any potents. By the time the Scent expires, if no Potential 20 or Perfect Coromon has been captured, the player should restart without saving and try again.

Using these precise techniques, you may further increase the value you obtain from your potent scents:

1. Using these precise techniques, you may further increase the value you obtain from your potent scents:
2. Near the area where you wish to cultivate for Perfects, consume Potent Scent.
3. After then, save your game as quickly as you can.
4. Run about till you encounter 1 wild creature and discover a powerful or ideal common (if the first encounter is not either, reload save to get back your scent time).
5. Tactical Slam is the safest move for catching in general, so check that your Leading Coromon has it equipped before even saving if your Coromon’s level is too high for it to kill you otherwise in one move.
6. Send it to your Squad as soon as the combat is over. If the freshly captured Coromon has 20 Potential Values, ask the Potential Reader. Reload your save to recover your fragrance time and any spinner that was used (if the Potential number is not 20).
7. Congratulations if you now possess a Perfect Coromon from the wild or a Potential Value 20 Coromon that can be potentinflated to perfection! (You may also opt to call it something like “20Buzzle” or “20V” to remember its potential value, as the Coromon Storage deletes such information from Potential-read Coromons when you reload saves.)
8. Save as soon as possible in real-time. As of now, you have essentially just used the Scent timed for your first encounter, leaving you with around 5 minutes and 40 seconds left on the clock. The timer does not appear to account for time spent engaging in combat or activating the Pause menu (Squad Screen, Item Screen).

To create another Perfect Coromon, follow the exact same steps. For example, using these methods, you can use Thunderous Cave to obtain all seven types of Perfect Coromons with just one strong scent (provided you’ve defeated all Battle Researchers along the way, travelled to three different spawn points when a specific type is required, and saved when you reach the floor before starting the “hunt” for all Coromon types there). The disadvantage of this strategy is that it uses less potent scents overall and recovers spinners that were used to save gold in the demo version. It also takes more time to reload after each encounter.

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