Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List 2022 & Updates

By skylah •  Updated: 12/03/21

Learn all there is to know about the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List and Tier List for the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier. Cookie Run Ovenbreak is a mobile game for iOS and Android. A number of game styles, including Cookie trials, Trophy races, and Breakout mode, are featured in this endless runner game.

You can play a variety of other game kinds in this game in addition to these. Below is a list of the top Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters.


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Before we begin, it’s vital to note that I only chose the best characters. Because there are so many characters in this game, I only ranked the suggested characters.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List

The treasures with the letter (S) next to them are absolutely necessary, but you can opt not to improve the ones with the letter (D) at all.

S TIER  The OverPowered Tier
A TIER The Very Strong Tier is as good as S-Tier Choices.
B TIER Good choice Tier and can be viable when used with the right Team.
C TIER  An Average choice, middle of the pack neither good nor bad.
D TIER  Below Average, slightly on the weaker side of an average choice.

A few of your favourites might be missing totally from the list or be in a different tier because this is simply my perspective of the top characters. So let’s start working through the list.


S-Tier Spinach Cookie
S-Tier Wind Archer Cookie
S-Tier Marshmallow Cookie
S-Tier Lime Cookie
S-Tier Moonlight Cookie
S-Tier Sea Fairy Cookie
S-Tier Peppermint Cookie
S-Tier Blackberry Cookie
S-Tier Dark Choco Cookie
S-Tier Peach Cookie


A-Tier Plum Cookie
A-Tier Sorbet Shark Cookie
A-Tier Raspberry Cookie
A-Tier White Choco Cookie
A-Tier Roguefort Cookie
A-Tier Herb Cookie
A-Tier Purple Yam Cookie
A-Tier Snow Sugar Cookie
A-Tier Soda Cookie
A-Tier Cocoa Cookie


Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List

B-Tier Fig Cookie
B-Tier Gumball Cookie
B-Tier Space Doughnut
B-Tier Dr. Wasabi Cookie
B-Tier Fire Spirit Cookie
B-Tier Avocado Cookie
B-Tier Captain Ice Cookie
B-Tier GingerBrave Cookie
B-Tier Lemon Cookie
B-Tier Kumiho Cookie


C-Tier Alchemist Cookie
C-Tier Moon Rabbit Cookie
C-Tier Ninja Cookie
C-Tier Earl Grey Cookie
C-Tier Licorice Cookie
C-Tier Lobster Cookie
C-Tier Onion Cookie
C-Tier Cookiedroid
C-Tier Firecracker Cookie
C-Tier Shining Glitter Cookie


D-Tier Carol Cookie
D-Tier Popcorn Cookie
D-Tier Muscle Cookie
D-Tier Yoga Cookie
D-Tier Skater cookie
D-Tier Ion Cookie Robot
D-Tier Pistachio Cookie
D-Tier Zombie Cookie
D-Tier Princess Cookie
D-Tier Angel Cookie

I hope you liked learning everything there is to know about the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List. We appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly read it, and we would appreciate any criticism you may have.

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