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Cookie Run Ovenbreak is an Android and iOS mobile game. It is an infinite runner game with several game modes such as Trophy race, Breakout mode, cookie trials, and more. However, in addition to these game types, there are several cookies that you may play as in this game. So here is a list of the best Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List 2021

Before we begin, it is vital to note that I have only chosen the greatest characters. Because there are so many characters in this game, I haven’t ranked them all, only the suggested ones. Also, this is just my opinion of the best characters, so some of your favourites may be in a different tier or entirely absent from the list. So, let’s get started on the list.

S Tier

S-TierWind Archer Cookie
S-TierSpinach Cookie
S-TierMoonlight Cookie
S-TierBlackberry Cookie
S-TierMarshmallow Cookie
S-TierSea Fairy Cookie
S-TierLime Cookie
S-TierPeach Cookie
S-TierDark Choco Cookie
S-TierPeppermint Cookie

A Tier

A-TierWhite Choco Cookie
A-TierSorbet Shark Cookie
A-TierSnow Sugar Cookie
A-TierPlum Cookie
A-TierRaspberry Mousse Cookie
A-TierRoguefort Cookie
A-TierPurple Yam Cookie
A-TierSoda Cookie
A-TierCocoa Cookie
A-TierHerb Cookie

B Tier

B-TierGumball Cookie
B-TierFig Cookie
B-TierSpace Doughnut
B-TierCaptain Ice Cookie
B-TierAvocado Cookie
B-TierLemon Cookie
B-TierDr. Wasabi Cookie
B-TierKumiho Cookie
B-TierFire Spirit Cookie

C Tier

C-TierShining Glitter Cookie
C-TierLobster Cookie
C-TierEarl Grey Cookie
C-TierMoon Rabbit Cookie
C-TierNinja Cookie
C-TierLicorice Cookie
C-TierAlchemist Cookie
C-TierFirecracker Cookie
C-TierOnion Cookie
Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List

D Tier

D-TierZombie Cookie
D-TierPistachio Cookie
D-TierMuscle Cookie
D-TierCarol Cookie
D-TierYoga Cookie
D-TierPopcorn Cookie
D-TierPrincess Cookie
D-TierAngel Cookie
D-TierIon Cookie Robot
D-TierSkater Cookie

So that’s everything there is to know about the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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