Welcome to our Cookie Run Kingdom How To Get Almond Cookie guide. One of the most attractive cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the almond cookie (CRK). It features an elderly guy clothed in a brown long coat and suit. He belongs to the Epic class and is positioned in the game’s back row. As for the toppings, it works best with the quick chocolate. Obtaining this attractive cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is as simple as obtaining any other cookie, but it is only accessible after reaching level 5 in the game.

If you want to get this detective cookie on board because of his looks and abilities, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for you!

Cookie Run Kingdom How To Get Almond Cookie?

Almond cookie will be immediately accessible in the draw after you achieve level 5 in Cookie Run kingdom.

You may try your luck in a typical traditional gacha draw and see if you can acquire this cookie in the game. The odds of obtaining Almond cookies in CRK are quite slim. Nonetheless, we admire you maintaining optimism and persevering till you achieve.

Every draw in CRK needs 300 crystals, so be sure you have enough crystals to go through numerous rounds before attempting a cookie draw. Crystals may be obtained through participating in battles and doing well. Participate in as many fights as possible, gather crystals, and have fun designing various sweets in the game.

The Benefits of Almond Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom How To Get Almond Cookie
  • Almond cookie comes with a Magical Amond Handcuff, which may be quite useful to all players. The magical handcuff has incredible abilities to track down and catch adversaries with the lowest HP. It focuses on the weakest adversary and prevents them from hitting you.
  • It’s an amazing cookie that is used in fights alongside the other two front-row cookies (such as Dark Choco Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie) to maximise its advantage in the game.

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