Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022 & Updates

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 01/30/22

After the introduction of the newest Cookies, the Cookie Run Kingdom’s roster of characters grew to about 70, making them the best team in the kingdom. They are divided into eight classes according to their level of expertise. The unique skills of cookies are the primary cause of the meta’s continual shift and the lack of reoccurring teams in PvP encounters.

A pro at Cookie Run Kingdom must test out various team setups and builds, but doing so does not guarantee success. The Cookie the Run Kingdom Best team Guide offers details on a variety of teams that can aid a player in the current metagame.

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It’s important to remember that, despite the fact that all of the Cookies described here are wise purchases, acquiring every Cookie a player has from those listed here doesn’t ensure that they will succeed in Cookie Run Kingdom.

The gameplay in Cookie Run Kingdom is designed so that each Cookie on a team must get along with the others, although players are free to explore.

1. Double Tank

Front: Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen and Sea Fairy Cookie

Rear: Cotton Cookie

Two DPS in the middle to finish them off, a healer to restore their HP before the incoming wave of enemies, and two Defense Cookies up front to knock the enemy back and deal initial damage. In PvP battles on Cookie Run Kingdom, this should let the opposing team know that they are in a cooldown.

Hollyberry and Strawberry Crepe should be included because they are DPS characters that may be customised to the player’s playstyle. Kingdom of the Cookie This The greatest teams would benefit from having a strong healer, particularly one who can also deal some damage, like Cotton or the most current Éclair Cookie, for maximum output.

2. Summoner Comp

Front: Snow Sugar Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Pumpkin Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie and Cotton Cookie

The term “summoner” here alludes to the Cookies on the squad because Snow Sugar and Pumpkin Pie can summon comrades to fight alongside them.

The Cookies are now more likely to survive due to their own safety and the location of their called buddies outside of hostile lines. A summoned ally can defeat a stunned opponent more easier than one with a higher ATK, which is why this article focuses on Cookies with “stun” abilities.

The two healers in the back are the most important players in this scenario since the Front and Mid lines must constantly maintain the HP of the DPS characters because they are completely focused on dealing damage.

If you don’t have Pure Vanilla, you can use a Herb Cookie or a Parfait instead. This squad performs better in PvE than PVP in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

3. Sorbet & Cocoa

Front: Cocoa Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Parfait Cookie and Cotton Cookie

Cocoa assists Parfait, Cotton, and the Middle line in dealing as much damage as they can for as long as they can by playing defence and healing from behind. Cocoa’s tank-like presence allows her to heal both allies and enemies while also providing a variety of advantages.

The primary objectives of all upgrades and toppings for this Cookie Run: Kingdom squad should be a shorter cooldown and a greater DMG rating. Individual playstyles will need to be considered while choosing toppings.

Cookie Run Kingdom Best team

4. New Cheese Comp

Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Cocoa Cookie.

Mid: Sea Fairy Cookie and Eclair Cookie.

Rear: Frost Queen Cookie

After multiple nerfs to Kumiho Cookie, Cheese Comps were completely removed from the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta, but they just made a reappearance as a result of the January 19 update. Tea Knight and Cocoa will protect the Front line until its defences are exhausted, while the three Cookies in the Mid and Rear deal the most damage and dispatch their adversaries.

The latest Cookie Run: Kingdom update made it easier to find the right toppings for this squad. If survivability is an issue, players can remove Cocoa from the front, leaving Tea Knight alone in the front, and add a healing cookie to the back. Access to the optional yet priceless Insignia of Indomitable Knights treasure is available to this Cookie Run: Kingdom team. For the most recent details on Cookie Run: Kingdom updates and releases, keep an eye on this section.

5. Charge Comp

Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Eclair Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie

This is the new meta squad, which comprises both the new Cookies and some adored old stars, following the most recent Cookie Run: Kingdom update. Tea Knight and Sorbet Shark can break through opposing lines and deal huge damage since Strawberry Crepe will drive the opponents back and deal localized light damage.

Éclair assumes a Support/DPS posture with her HP shield, allowing Tea Knight and Sorbet to charge in as much as they can while also offering DMG to support their effort. None of these Cookies will expire prior to the level’s conclusion thanks to Pure Vanilla.

The best team guide for Cookie the Run Kingdom is now finished.

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