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Call of Duty Vanguard is officially available, and we know just which weapons you should have in your armoury. The finest assault firearms to use in COD Vanguard, graded from best to worst, are listed below. COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle from best to worst

After its official release its attracting a big number of players eager to try out the game’s new immersive features. New landscapes, destruction mechanics, weather effects, perks, weaponry, game types, and more are all included.

For many Call of Duty aficionados, all of this information is insignificant in comparison to the weaponry they’ll employ to rip their opponents apart.

COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst

COD Vanguard AR tier list is described below with details:


The pinnacle of excellence. Even with average attachments, these rifles are powerful weapons that will annihilate your foes.

  • The STG44 is a powerful assault rifle with a short time-to-kill and excellent recoil control. This assault weapon also displayed a great effective damage range, making it ideal for close-quarters fighting.
  • The STG44 is without a doubt the most powerful and broken weapon in the game. But, to top it all, the STG44 is also extremely adaptable and balanced, allowing it to be customised to fit any playing style.


These weapons are extremely powerful, and when combined with the appropriate attachments, they may compete with weapons in the S-Tier. Find more about other Tiers in our COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst guide.

  • The Volk and BAR are superb weapons that don’t require an optimised loadout to be effective. However, with the correct attachments, the Volk and BAR could compete with some of COD Vanguard’s greatest weapons, like as the STG44.


OD Vanguard ARs in the centre of the pack. You can compete with people who have A-Tier weapons if you have the right loadout. These are ideal for a variety of circumstances and playstyles.

  • The ITRA Burst (or Breda PG 1935) is a four-round burst semi-automatic rifle with modest damage and decent accuracy. This allows it to be effective across great distances. While the ITRA Burst can instantly eliminate adversaries, you must land all of the burst bullets. Otherwise, it’s the slowest killing rifle in the game if you miss a burst shot.


These ARs aren’t meant to be your main weapon; instead, they should be used in conjunction with another weapon or require adept-level proficiency to shine.

  • The NZ-41 was designed to replace light machine guns, which were in low supply during World War II. As a result, it’s understandable why the NZ-41 isn’t higher on our list. While the NZ-41’s high-damage rounds make it ideal for aggressive players, it has poor recoil control, making it difficult to handle.

All the best are updated above from COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst guide.

COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst


This is referred to as the “junk tier” of weapons.

  • None. We’re not updating any D Tier in this COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst list yet.


In COD Vanguard, there are presently just seven assault firearms available. We have yet to see how the AS44 and Fedorov Avtomat perform, therefore we have left them unranked for the time being.

  • AS44
  • Fedorov Avtomat

This concludes the COD Vanguard AR tier list assault rifle best to worst.

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