The MX9 has been nerfed in the newest patch notes, while a new CBR4 submachine gun has been added. In this guide you’ll find COD Mobile SMG tier list submachine gun ranked worst to best Season 10.

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile, titled “Shadow Returns,” is now out and includes a plethora of new features, such as the new Preload Shader function, the Orbital Laser scorestreak, the new SVD sniper and CBR4 submachine gun, the return of the legendary Vacant map, and more.

There’s also a snazzy new battle pass that players can get their hands on to unlock a slew of rare epic goodies. In COD Mobile Season 10, the latest season also provides a selection of weapon balancing tweaks to eleven guns.

Thankfully, the MX9 SMG was the only weapon nerfed in the newest patch. While our SMG tier ranking remains largely same, we anticipate a significant upheaval in the meta following the arrival of the CBR4. Despite its low damage, the gun possesses good mobility, damage range, and handling, as well as a high fire rate and accuracy.

Given these changes, you’re undoubtedly wondering which submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 10 are the most powerful and broken. Here are the greatest guns to utilise this season.

COD Mobile Season 10 SMG tier list

SMGs are lightweight automatic guns using low-energy pistol cartridges, in case you didn’t know. They feature a high rate of fire and are primarily utilised at short to medium ranges.

Tier list for SMG

In COD Mobile Season 7, there are a total of 16 SMGs, including the recently announced CBR4. The most recent seasonal update, however, only altered one weapon, the MX9.

S Tier SMGs

  • QQ9
  • MSMC

The QQ9 is now the strongest and most broken SMG in COD Mobile Season 10, dethroning the MX9 after a hefty damage adjustment by the devs. We’ve previously complimented the QQ9 for its quick time-to-kill, excellent ADS, and burst fire rate, earning it a spot on our prior tier lists — all of which are still valid. It would be foolish not to recommend the QQ9 this season, with its tremendous damage, great adaptability, and minimal recoil.

A Tier SMGs

  • MX9
  • PP19 Bizon
  • Cordite
  • RUS-79U

As we previously noted, the MX9’s damage has been significantly reduced. The MX9’s horizontal recoil was also increased, and the creators lowered the base damage from 30-24-16-15 to 25-21-18-16.

These alterations make the MX9 less effective in close-quarters combat, and they’re especially bad for aggressive playstyles. The MX9 is still a respectable mid-range weapon, but that isn’t what it was designed for. Regardless, the MX9 remains a capable weapon in COD Mobile Season 10.

B Tier SMGs

  • Fennec
  • CBR4
  • Razorback
  • QXR

The CBR4 is a fun addition to COD Mobile Season 10 and looks a lot like the famous P90 rifle from previous Call of Duty games. In fact, it shares the P90’s weapon specs, which aren’t particularly outstanding. The CBR4 does, however, have a great fire rate, control, and mobility, thus the right loadout that maximises the gun’s damage might make it a formidable force on the battlefield.

COD Mobile SMG tier list submachine gun ranked worst to best Season 10

COD Mobile SMG tier list submachine gun ranked worst to best for Season 10 guide

C Tier SMGs

  • AGR 556
  • GKS
  • Chicom

There are no modifications to our C Tier List.

D Tier SMGs

  • PDW-57
  • HG40
  • Pharo

There are no modifications to our D Tier List as well.

This concludes the COD Mobile SMG tier list submachine gun ranked worst to best for Season 10 guide.

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