COD Mobile AR tier list describes Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile improved a number of weaponry, including the Man-O-War, Type 25, and Swordfish. In this tier list, we’ve ranked the greatest assault rifles to use in COD Mobile Season 10.

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile, dubbed “Shadow Returns,” is now out and includes a plethora of new features, including as the new Preload Shader function, the Orbital Laser scorestreak, new weapons, the return of the legendary Vacant map, and more.

Players will once again be able to obtain a gleaming new battle pass, which will unlock numerous rare epic goodies. The new season also introduces a slew of weapon balancing tweaks that are likely to shake up the meta.

The MW11, Swordfish, Type 25, Man-O-War, R9-0, DL Q33, FHJ-18, and Thumper were among the eight weapons that received buffs, while only the Shorty and MX9 were nerfed. In addition, the SMRS had some small revisions, but they were modest.

Given these modifications, you’re undoubtedly wondering which assault firearms in COD Mobile Season 10 are the most powerful and broken. Well, we’ve figured it out — Let’s have a look at it.

COD Mobile Season 10 Assault Rifle tier list

Assault rifles are all-purpose weapons and the most often utilised class in the game. Additionally, depending on the attachments and loadout chosen, guns can be adapted to various use cases.

In COD Mobile, there are a total of 20 assault firearms. Only three assault rifles, including the Swordfish, Type 25, and Man-O-War, received balance improvements in COD Mobile Season 10.

Following that, we’ve evaluated all of the assault rifles from best to worst, taking into account weapon and attachment balancing modifications, as well as the current meta.

Call of duty AR tier list

S Tier

  • Man-O-War
  • M13
  • DR-H
  • ASM-10
  • LK24

It’s hard to imagine the Mann-O-War has remained in the S-tier for so long, but with its most recent update, it’s evident that it’s here to stay. At the outset of COD Mobile, the Man-O-War is the most powerful and broken assault rifle, with vertical recoil adjustability and a 5% reduction in ADS bullet spread.

This implies the Man-O-War will be easier to control and fire, with better accuracy. The only thing missing from the Man-O-already War’s amazing damage, recoil control, and precision is a loadout to make this rifle a serious force on the battlefield.

A Tier

  • Swordfish
  • AK-117
  • HVK-30
  • KN44

The Swordfish was introduced as a four-shot rifle in COD Mobile Season 9 and has proven to be an overpowered weapon with certain loadouts. While the Swordfish’s damage is comparable to the M13 or Man-O-War, landing all of the burst bullets will surprise both you and your opponents.

The Swordfish also received a buff to the burst interval in the most recent COD Mobile seasonal patch, as well as increased default and enlarged magazine capacities. As a result, this modification gives you more options when it comes to selecting attachments for a specific loadout.

B Tier

  • CR-56 AMAX
  • Type 25
  • Peacekeeper MK2
  • AK-47
  • AS-VAL

This season, the Type 25 received a slew of enhancements, all of which we believe were well-deserved. The improvements included a 30% reduction in horizontal and 20% reduction in vertical recoil, as well as a huge increase in fire rate from 790 RPM to 857 RPM. In addition, the gun’s damage to the abdomen was somewhat boosted.

COD Mobile AR tier list assault rifle ranked best to worst Season 10

To top it off, the Stopping Power Reload attachment has been upgraded, which improves the Type 25’s recoil control and damage when equipped without the reload time debuff. This season, you’d be foolish not to employ this rifle and attachment combination.

C Tier

  • BK-57
  • HBRa3
  • FR.556

There are no additional changes to the weaponry mentioned in our C-tier this season, other from the Type 25’s ascension to the B-tier.

D Tier

  • M4
  • M16
  • ICR-1

In COD Mobile Season 10, our D-tier list is also unchanged.

This concludes the COD Mobile AR tier list assault rifle ranked best to worst Season 10.

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