Clash Royale Leaks Season 29 Heroes Coming?

Greetings, Clash Royale Season 29 is rapidly approaching, and numerous Clash Royale Season 29 Leaks are circulating on Reddit and Twitter. We will receive Level 14 King Tower in the future Clash Royale October Update, which has been confirmed; however, on October 23rd, the Clash Royale Team published a teaser of the Clash Royale October Update, and in that video, we saw some Clash Royale hero photos on the book.

According to Cr Leaks’ Twitter account, Heroes in Clash Royale may be renamed “Champions” instead!

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The time has finally come after more than 5 years, 103 cards, and trillions of battles. The Clash Royale team goal for 2021 has been all about player progression, which we will continue with the next update.

Clash Royale Leaks

Clash Royale level 14 will bring increased King/Princess Tower Damage/Health, as well as the ability to enhance your Cards even further.

Furthermore, in order to help players level up faster than ever before, we’ve reduced the cost of upgrading your King Level and Cards from 11 to 13.

Clash Royale Leaks Season 29 Heroes Coming?

In addition to level 14, more features will be included in the next release, but we’ve been sworn to keep them a secret for the time being. As soon as we receive this information, we will notify you.

Clash Royale Leaks Season 29

Clash Royale Leaks Season 29 Heroes Coming

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