Our Castle Craft Tier List provides you a list of Castle Craft Tiers alongwith list of the best commanders.

In Castel Craft, there are four different categories of cards: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Castle Craft is an Android and iOS-optimized real-time strategy game. The Castle Craft tier list can be found by following this Tier List.

Castle Craft Tier List Described

The global version of Castle Craft is now available on Android and iOS devices. In this page, we’ve included a Castle Craft List that highlights the game’s top-tier characters in order to assist you in selecting the ideal character at the start.

Castle Craft Tier List Best Units

SKobold, Vanguard, Hunter, Kobold Bomb, Poison Fume, Trickster, Fire Storm, Archer Tower, Lizard Javelin, Penguin Shielder, Little Viking, Wish Stone, Cannon Tower, Frostwind, Air Tower, Hammer of the Progenitor
ASmasher, Draken, Rifle Owlbear, Glacier, Enchantress, Airship, Hatchling, Moth Lady, Interceptor, War Gorilla, Martyr, Smoke Bomb, Grizzly, Salamander, Boulder Eruption, Mana Cannon, Ballista, Blood Gem Necklace, War Elephant
BAx Buffalo, Tower of Transcendence, Cannon Turtle, Dragon, Demoness, Banshee, Sniper, Cannoneer, Griffon Rider, Iron Giant, Penguin Balloon Pilot, Arcane Blaster, Centaur

Tier 1

  • Kobold: A basic melee unit who does not have much HP, but can be effective in large numbers due to its cheap cost.
  • Vanguard: A basic melee unit who can take some hits before falling.
  • Hunter: A ranged unit who is squishy, so is best used in the backline.
  • Kobold Bomb: Deals area-of-effect damage.
  • Poison Fume: Poisons and deals area-of-effect damage over time to enemies.
  • Trickster: A mage that can deal damage up to 3 enemies with its electric magic.
  • Fire Storm: Immediately deals heavy area-of-effect damage to enemies within the radius.
  • Archer Tower: A tower that rapidly fires arrows at its enemies.
  • Frostwind: Freezes enemy units and buildings within a selected area.
  • Air Tower: A tower used to attack air units and can reveal a wide area.
  • Hammer of the Progenitor: Gradually restores HP of all allied buildings.
  • Lizard Javelin: A long-ranged unit that throws spears at ground enemies.
  • Penguin Shielder: A melee unit who has a shield to protect itself from HP damage until breaking.
  • Little Viking: A melee unit that can gain some mana each time it attacks a Mana Refinery.
  • Wish Stone: Changes to a random spell when used.
  • Cannon Tower: A tower that fires cannon balls to enemies on the ground.

Tier 2

  • Smasher: A melee unit who deals heavy damage with his hammer.
  • Draken: A quick melee unit who deals area-of-effect damage.
  • Rifle Owlbear: A long-ranged sniper that cannot withstand heavy damage.
  • Glacier: A ranged unit who can slow nearby enemy units.
  • Enchantress: A ranged unit who can deal area-of-effect damage to both ground and air units.
  • Airship: A unit that targets the enemy castle. Can also deploy a commander and ground units.
  • Salamander: A ranged unit who deals heavy area-of-effect damage with its fire breath.
  • Boulder Eruption: Deals heavy area-of-effect damage on a long cooldown.
  • Mana Cannon: A long-ranged unit that deals heavy damage but can be vulnerable to melee units.
  • Ballista: A long-ranged unit that deals heavy damage to a single target.
  • Hatchling: A unit that can be deployed in multiple numbers. Strong as a group, but weak individually.
  • Moth Lady: A ranged unit who can deal area-of-effect damage to both ground and air units.
  • Interceptor: A unit that has different attacks for ground and air units.
  • War Gorilla: A siege unit that is effective against buildings, but moves slowly.
  • Martyr: A ranged unit who restores health to nearby allies after falling in battle.
  • Smoke Bomb: Obscures vision to nearby enemy units.
  • Grizzly: A siege unit who can tank a lot of damage and deal heavy damage to buildings.
  • Blood Gem Necklace: Restores health based on the damage the commander has dealt to the enemies.
  • War Elephant: Charges towards the enemy castle and deals damage based on its remaining current health.

Tier 3

  • Cannoneer: A unit that prioritizes damaging air units instead of ground units.
  • Griffon Rider: A flying unit that attacks ground units with its shurikens.
  • Iron Giant: A heavy siege unit that spawns 6 Iron Tinies when it dies.
  • Penguin Balloon Pilot: A flying unit that cannot die in less than three attacks.
  • Ax Buffalo: A heavy melee unit used to soak up some damage and deals heavy damage to enemy units.
  • Tower of Transcendence: A tower that deals massive area damage, but takes a long time to be constructed.
  • Cannon Turtle: A unit that fires powerful shells to deal damage to enemy units far away, but unable to hit close targets.
  • Dragon: A legendary ranged unit that deals area damage to both ground and air units.
  • Demoness: Fires a ray that deals continuous damage and increases attack damage when attacking the same target for a period of time.
  • Banshee: A ranged unit that shares damage taken with allied banshees.
  • Sniper: A long-ranged unit that attacks an enemy unit with the longest range. Deals 50% less damage to buildings.
  • Arcane Blaster: Fires a ray that deals continuous damage and increases attack damage when attacking the same target for a period of time.
  • Centaur: An agile unit that deals bonus damage to enemy units that are retreating.
Castle Craft Tier List

Game General

  • Game Name – Castle Craft – World War
  • Developer – RisingWings
  • Genre – Casual Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 73 MB
    • iOS: 690 MB
  • Install 

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