Bullet Echo Tier List tells you about Bullet Echo, a top-down, hero-based action game in the vein of PUBG. In a map packed with other players, you control your hero. There are over 20 distinct characters to choose from, each with their own arsenal of weapons and powers.

The rarity of these Heroes is rated, with the most frequent being Common and the most unusual being Mythic. In Bullet Echo, any starting player may quickly gain all Common Heroes, and because all heroes can be graded up to the next rarity every 10 levels, any Common rarity hero can be readily levelled up simply by playing with it.

It can be difficult to choose the appropriate one for you; to assist you, we’ve mentioned each of the 5 Common Heroes in Bullet Echo Tier List. You will be able to choose which Hero best suits your desired play style without having to physically play multiple matches with each Hero.

The stated capacity will be eligible until the next rarity. You must play with the Hero until it reaches Level 10, at which time you can rank it up and unlock the special ability.

Bullet Echo Best Character Tier List

Find below the Bullet Echo Best Character Tier List described:


  • Power: 155
  • Health: 330
  • Damage: 126
  • Armour: 60

A Quick Overview

Firefly is the type of Hero who stays on the outskirts of a shootout, spotting adversaries from distance. He possesses a high-precision, rapid-fire sniper rifle as well as the ability to use grenades as a special skill.

Gameplay Experience

Firefly like to fight from a distance, keeping her distance from the fight. In a three-person squad, Firefly thrives by sitting back and providing long-range support while his comrades push forward. Because Firefly is so lazy, it would be easy to sneak up on him; however, this problem can be addressed by staying near to the circle’s edge. Because the grenades can be used against groups of adversaries, this Hero is ideal for three-player teams.


  • Power: 145
  • Health: 192
  • Damage: 52
  • Armour: 220

A Quick Overview

The Stalker, who wields a strong rifle, is the most basic and all-around Hero. He has respectable statistics and a dependable arm. He has the ability to blend into the backdrop, which makes him a dangerous foe. When Stalker is invisible, he can’t fire or take damage, but his footsteps are still audible.

Gameplay Experience

Stalker’s day-to-day activities are very ordinary. He’s a reliable Hero who can fit into any play style while maintaining a reasonable level of difficulty.


  • Power: 145
  • Health: 288
  • Damage: 23
  • Armour: 550

A Quick Overview

Bastion is equipped with a rapid-fire shotgun and a thick covering of health and armour. This Hero is a lot more defensive, with a lot of defensive stats. On the other hand, his offensive power is grossly lacking, with only 23 damage. Bastion’s health and armour compensate for this. Because of his capacity to construct a personal power barrier in front of him, he is a difficult opponent to defeat.

Gameplay Experience

Bastion is a formidable hero who should be used with caution because he is a difficult target to defeat. At the beginning, his weapon is nearly useless, and he has a large size and moves slowly.

On the other side, Bastion’s superior health and armour are advantages.Because it absorbs a lot of incoming damage, it’s best employed as a frontal shield for the other two members of a three-person squad. Upgrade Bastion to gain a much more powerful Hero, but keep in mind that Bastion isn’t really good at attacking.

Bullet Echo Tier List


  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 43
  • Armour: 100

A Quick Overview

Raven’s long-range SMG does a lot of damage over a long distance. This Raven is also small and agile, allowing him to manoeuvre through confined locations and detect adversaries from afar. With this talent, he can detect any adversaries within a specified range, allowing him to sneak up on them from behind. The main disadvantages of this Hero as per our Bullet Echo Tier List are his defensive numbers, vulnerability, and time-to-kill.

Gameplay Experience

Due to its powerful, rapid-fire SMG that can reach enormous distances, this is arguably one of the most powerful Heroes. When coupled with the ability, it’s also small and swift, making sneaking up on adversaries from behind a snap.

However, due to Raven’s poor health and damage, you have a tiny chance of surviving if you are sneaked upon. If you prefer to manoeuvre tactically, Raven is the one for you; just keep an eye on your back at all times.


  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 285
  • Armour: 200

A Quick Overview

Blot’s high-damage rifle and energy wall make even full-health, full-armor tanks vulnerable to his sight line. He is, however, a common target for speedy heroes due to his low health and lack of precision when moving, as they can ambush and kill him well before he can put up his shield wall.

Gameplay Experience

We don’t have any Gameplay Experience for this yet.

This concludes the Bullet Echo Tier List.

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