We have produced a complete Brave Nine Reroll Tier List of all the Mercenaries in the game. There are almost 300 Mercenaries to weed through. As a result, this Tier List will make it easier for you to locate and search for your favourite characters. However, keep in mind that this entire list is based only on my perspective. As a result, you may disagree with some of the items on the list below. I’ve done my best to maintain the ranks as near to the community rankings as feasible.

Brave Nine Tier List

Find the Brave Nine Tier List described below with classes and skills:

Brave Nine Tier List 5-Star Mercenaries

MercenaryTier RankingClassSkill
SeirSDefenderDevil’s Revenge
EdinSWarriorUnholy Power
FoxySWarriorCombat Manual
VenakaSSupportVigorous Dance
ValzeSWarriorBlade of Betrayal
AsmodeSSupportTouch of Desire
SetoSWarriorDominant Force
GranhildrSDefenderGodship’s Shield
RefitheaSSupportHelp, Glutti!
ChristinaSWarriorTricolor Bomb
LeviaSMagicianForbidden Power
BeliathSSupportSkeleton Contract
LuciusSDefenderFallen Angel
AaronADefenderLight of Reflection
VelfernAMagicianPandora’s Box
LillianAMagicianEndless Revenge
NartasAMagicianRelease Disaster
JinAWarriorGale Sword
AngelicaAWarriorDivine Darkness
SiegmundAWarriorPaladin’s Will
VeroniaASupportSaving Light
DeomaronADefenderCursed Shield
ArkanADefenderCelestial Blessing
AlecAWarriorUltimate Power
ElijaBWarriorBeast Taming
GuntherBWarriorDescending Fire Dragon
KainaBWarriorSacred Fury
HelenaBSupportLet’s Sing Together!
ThemisBSupportLight of Protection
AnubisBMagicianForewarning of Doom
HijinBMagicianSoul of Fire
SabrinaCSupportMember Encouragement
DalviCWarriorMillennial Wait
MichaelaCSupportMaddening Faith
CeciliaCDefenderAbyss Shield
ZenithCDefenderHunter Instinct
GloriaCDefenderScales of Judgement
GlaciaCDefenderGlacial Shield
MaryCSupportHero’s Song
FloriaDSupportMother Nature
ClaudiaDMagicianMarionette’s Rondo
ValtorDMagicianMother Nature’s Power
KaoliDDefenderChampion Shield
BarbaraDWarriorJavelin Throw
AstridDDefenderGuardian’s Creed
BathoryDMagicianAll Mine!
YmirFDefenderTitan’s Sword
KainaFWarriorSacred Fury
GarinothFMagicianSoul Collapse
VentanaFWarriorDraw Sword
RafinaFDefenderMechanical Dive
EliseFMagicianDeath Ending Love

Brave Nine Tier List 4-Star Mercenaries

HellSMagicianPrayer for Destruction
LetoSWarriorShadow Blade
CeresSSupportEye of Mana
IrisSDefenderIrresistible Charm
CoretteSWarriorWitness Elimination
NiyaSWarriorCat Punch
JosephSDefenderPagan Declaration
JohnASupportLight Barrier
LeahAMagicianDestructive Lightning
EunrangAWarriorRear Ambush
AlcheAWarriorDestructive Hammer
ViolaBWarriorShadow Arrow
EstherBMagicianConjuration of Affliction
JacklinBDefenderEscort Stance
BrunoBMagicianNeo Armstrong Jet Cannon
Dr. MorganCWarriorTime Bomb
OrienneCWarriorLethal Wounds
BrisaDWarriorThree Musketeers’ Wisdom
MoraDDefenderAnger of Tenacity
ReneDDefenderPurifying Spear
MayaDWarriorMark of Prey
VarionFWarriorI’ll Copy You!
CamillaFWarriorThree Musketeers’ Fury
MagnusFMagicianMagical Predation

Brave Nine Tier List 3-Star Mercenaries

BeatriceSWarriorI’ll Beat You!
ClarisSSupportPrayer of Protection
CordeliaSWarriorRed Flame Sword
VelonaSMagicianFlame Explosion
MariaSMagicianDestructive Magic
CarlsonSDefenderFirm Will
CordeliaAWarriorRed Flame Sword
Hyeon WolASupportLight of Reinforcement
MarronAWarriorPiercing Shriek
MarleneAMagicianMagic Orb
RonAWarriorMocking Bash
ArinesBSupportBear Up!
JulieBSupport Spiritual Recovery
BranBWarriorMusket Fire
MercedesBDefenderMirror Shield
WiggleCWarriorFire in the Hole!
KozakCWarriorBone Crusher
MelodyDMagicianFlash Explosion
AseraDSupportWound Explosion
LydiaFWarriorDrilled Thrust
RigenetteFWarriorCritical Arrow
SloanFDefenderToxic Spurt

This concludes the Brave Nine Reroll Tier List.

How to Reroll in Brave Nine?

Brave Nine Reroll Tier List
Brave Nine Reroll Tier List

If you want to perform a reroll to get better characters, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the in-game settings and look for the Delete Account option.
  • Shut the game and restart it.
  • Now, restart with another account and you will get a chance to roll for new Mercenaries.
  • There is a 3-minute cooldown too, so keep that in mind.

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