Featherweight’s Botworld Adventure is an open world role playing game for Android and iOS. This tutorial will walk you through the Botworld Adventure tier list, which will help you improve your game.

These tiers are assigned based on their endgame performance, levelling capacity, and team performance and synergy, among other factors. Botworld Adventure’s endgame, in my perspective, is a rating of 5500+. It’s worth noting that some of the bots on this tier list can perform admirably. That depends on the level on which you’re employing them. Aside from that, this tier list is purely a personal opinion, and it may differ from yours.

Botworld Adventure Tier List Described

Botworld Adventure Tier List Best Bot

SSIcicool, Ram, Thump
SDune Bug, Mort
ABigshot, Brute, Chomp, Hornet, Virus
BBarrie, Berserker, Bombee, Fork, Froggy, Frosty, Lobbie, Nozzle, Pupil, Rocketeer, Yanky
CBeat, Bullwark, Flamer, K.O, Longshot, Slash, Chainer, Pluggie, Slicer, Scatter

Bot in Team Comp Tier List

Botworld Adventure Tier List

Abilities Tier List

SSIcewall, Hypercharge
SGust, Zap Tower, Supercharged Chaos Translocator
AVortex *, Shield, Chaos Translocator, Hack, Team Translocator, Explosive Proximity Translocator
BSuper Charge, Freeze, Barrier Wall, Ball Lightning, Hyperdrain
CImmobilize, Frost Missile, Speed Boost, Charge Field, Proximity Translocator, Lightning Rod, Knockback, Frost, Tower, Charge Bolt, Firewall *, Poison Trail *, Immobilize Field *, Poison Tower, Unstable Plasma, Poison Missile
DMissile, Hasty Ground, Energy Bolt, Poison Bolt, Knockback Bolt, Goop, Chilling Ground, Snowball, Corrode
FHack Missile, Scare Tower

Game General

  • Title – Botworld Adventure
  • Publisher – Featherweight
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –Android: 384 MB
  • iOS: 637 MB
  • Download AndroidPlay Store
  • iOSApp Store

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