Welcome to Blue Archive Global Tier List Reroll Guide it’s about Blue Archive, a Gacha RPG mobile game. In this guide, we will also look at how to reroll in Blue Archive.

Blue Archive Global Tier List Reroll Guide

S+ Tier Characters

StudentRarityRoleClassPositionBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Haruna3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Hibiki3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠9⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Iori3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Alice3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠MysticSpecial Armor
Aru3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Karin3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Tsubaki2 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠6⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor

S Tier Characters

StudentRarityRoleClassPositionBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Hanae2 StarsSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Kotama1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Serina1 StarSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠MysticLight Armor
Shun3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Chise2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Hifumi3 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Hina3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Izuna3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠6⁠MysticLight Armor
Karin Bunny Girl3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠2⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Kotama1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Midori3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Momoi2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Nonomi2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Serina1 StarSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠MysticLight Armor
Shiroko3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Shun3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Yuuka2 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Azusa Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠MysticLight Armor
Iori Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor
Shun Young3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionLight Armor

A Tier Characters

StudentRarityRoleClassPositionBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Akari2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Serika2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Ayane2 StarsSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Fuuka2 StarsSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Hoshino3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Junko2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Pina1 StarStrikerAttackerBACK⁠1⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Saya3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠8⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Serika2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Sumire3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠5⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
Tsurugi3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠5⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Utaha2 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Azusa3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Cherino3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Hare2 StarsSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Hina Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Koharu3 StarsStrikerHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Mashiro Swimsuit3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠5⁠MysticLight Armor
Shiroko Riding3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠3⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Yuzu3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
Neru Bunny Girl3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠4⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Saya Casual3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor

B Tier Characters

StudentRarityRoleClassPositionBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Chinatsu1 StarSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Eimi3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Hasumi2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Haruka1 StarStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Izumi3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Kirino2 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor
Kotori1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Maki3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Mutsuki2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Neru3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
Suzumi1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Yoshimi1 StarSpecialAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Izumi Swimsuit1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠5⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Nodoka1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Tsurugi Swimsuit1 StarStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠3⁠MysticSpecial Armor

C Tier Characters

StudentRarityRoleClassPositionBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Asuna1 StarStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠1⁠MysticLight Armor
Juri1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Kayoko2 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Shimiko1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Hanako2 StarsSpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠2⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
Juri1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Mashiro3 StarsSpecialAttackerBACK⁠8⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Shimiko1 StarSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Shizuko2 StarsSpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠6⁠MysticSpecial Armor
Hifumi Swimsuit3 StarsSpecialTactical⁠BACK⁠5⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Asuna Bunny Girl3 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠2⁠MysticLight Armor
Blue Archive Global Tier List Reroll Guide
Blue Archive Global Tier List Reroll Guide

How to Reroll in Blue Archive?

This the steps to reroll in Blue Archive below:

  • Sign in to your Blue Archive account.
  • Begin by following the instruction.
  • While playing the tutorial, you can get your free summon. You may use these pulls to try to grab your favourite characters.
  • Complete the first mission as well.
  • Make sure to check the in-game inbox for your goodies.
  • If you don’t receive the characters you want, go to your phone’s Settings, then Apps, then Blue Archive. Then, touch on Clear Data to receive another chance to pick the finest characters.
  • Restart the game and give it another go.
  • You may alternatively hit the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Account > Continue > Reset account > enter Blue Archive.

This concludes the Blue Archive Global Tier List Reroll Guide.

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