Welcome to BitLife dr dolittle challenge how to become a vet Guide.

Do you care about animals? If you answered YES, BitLife has now introduced another challenge, giving you the chance to become a veterinarian. It is not simple to become a veterinarian in BitLife, just as it is not easy in real life. There are several requirements that must be met.

There are many players who have been asking how to become a Vet in BitLife, and if you are one of them, look no further because we have you covered.

BitLife How To Become A Vet

The first and most important need for becoming a Vet in BitLife is to be bookish or clever. Yes, you will need to focus more on academics rather than practical activities from infancy if you want to earn good scores. Notably, if you did not have decent marks, you would not be admitted to a reputable university and would not be able to study in Biology.

You may not be presented opportunities to go to Veterinary School or for a career at a Veterinary Clinic in BitLife unless you major in areas such as Biology and Chemistry. If this occurs, you must restart your programme and verify the list of majors.

Go to the education page after graduating from a reputable university and apply to Veterinary School. Make sure you have adequate money because tuition is really expensive. If you don’t have enough money, you might demand your parents pay for it or request for a loan.

If the Veterinary School rejects your application, you must begin the process and apply again until you are accepted. Once you’ve graduated, go to the employment area and look for a Veterinary position.

BitLife dr dolittle challenge how to become a vet

BitLife dr dolittle challenge how to become a vet
BitLife dr dolittle challenge how to become a vet

There will be a few alternatives on the screen, such as Jr. Veterinarian or Regular Veterinarian. Make sure to thoughtfully respond to each and every question from the interviewer, or let them know that you are an animal lover.

Once you become a veterinarian, you will be required to purchase at least ten pets from a pet store or through rescuing animals. Feed your pets, spend time with them, and take them for walks to build a healthy bond with them. Check to see if you have any sick pets. As a reward for completing these objectives, you will receive an accessory.

This concludes the BitLife dr dolittle challenge how to become a vet guide.

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