Best Guns in Battlefield 2042 Tier List describes, the Battlefield 2042 as you may already know it is a shooter game, therefore the most significant distinction between any two players when they enter combat is the weaponry they’re using. As a result, the first question we must address is: what are the greatest Battlefield 2042 weapons?We’re only going to talk about the base multiplayer in this list, not Battlefield Portal.

We’re not interested in games like Battlefield V, which has some excellent weapons (as does every Battlefield game). We’re just interested in 2042 as a Battlefield game. The top Battlefield 2042 weaponry are listed here.

Best Guns in Battlefield 2042 Tier List

Top Tier


The LCMG, best weapon in Battlefield 2042, can do everything. It has the power to shred adversaries from a safe distance and even challenge snipers if you’re brave enough.


At close ranges, the K30 is a ferocious beast. The K30 is reminiscent of the Vector from other shooters, with an insane fire rate and damage that isn’t half decent. Its ability to kill in a short amount of time is incredible.

High Tier


In Battlefield 2042, the M5A3 is the standard assault weapon. It has good range and power, and it’s pretty much the go-to gun for when you don’t know what to do.


The AK-24 is a powerful weapon with a unique market niche. If you load it up with the right loadout, it has a lot of ranged potential, and if you play your cards well, it can annihilate even LMG users.


The PBX-45 is a good, bog-standard SMG that is slightly more mobile than the K30. Thankfully, regular SMGs are really helpful in the Battlefield 2042 open beta! Just stay away from long-ranged fighting with this weapon, and you’ll be OK.

Mid Tier


The DM7 is a decent weapon to use, but it lacks the same level of dependability as the other options. It’s obviously for range, but when your LCMG can already slaughter adversaries from miles away, its utility is quite restricted. We’ll have to wait and see if it makes it into the meta as the Warzone DMR did!


The SWS-10 is the first sniper rifle you’ll see in the Battlefield 2042 open beta, and it has many of the same issues as the DM7. It’s simply untrustworthy. Sure, you can use a headshot to one-shot adversaries, and if you’re confident in your ability to do so, go ahead and try it. It’s only a tad inconvenient because if you miss, or even get a body shot, your location will be obvious.

Low Tier


The MCS-880 is an unusual weapon. We haven’t found a useful use for this shotgun yet, though you may increase its range by using slugs instead of buckshot. Unfortunately, it struggles to keep up with ARs and LMGs at range (obviously), and if you don’t hit every shot, it struggles to keep up with SMGs close-up.

Full Release Battlefield 2042 Guns

The entire release of Battlefield 2042 weapons has been scheduled for November 19th. We’ll keep this list handy and updated in the future, and it’ll be a full-fledged top guns tier list once we learn more!

Best Guns in Battlefield 2042 Tier List

Battlefield 2042 guns

Assault Rifles

  • AK-24
  • M5A3
  • AC-42


  • MP9
  • PP-29
  • K30
  • PBX-45

Bolt-Action Rifles

  • DXR-1
  • NTW-50
  • SWS-10


  • SVK
  • VCAR
  • DM7

Lever-Action Rifles

  • GVT 45-70


  • PKP-BP
  • LCMG


  • M44


  • MP28
  • G57


  • MCS-880
  • 12M Auto

This concludes the list of Best Guns in Battlefield 2042 Tier List.

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