Welcome to our Battle Cats Normal Tier List.

Battle Cats is a tower defence game with a lot of cats. Those seeking for a Battle Cats Tier List should stop right here since we will cover all of the greatest Normal Cat characters in this guide. Based on their skill set, each cat has benefits and drawbacks. Here’s our rating of all the game’s basic kitties.

We’ve discussed the Normal Cats’ ranks, which range from F Tier (lowest) to S Tier (best) (the best). It should be noted that this rating is subjective and may differ from yours, but it will undoubtedly assist newbies in getting started with the game.

Battle Cats Normal Tier List

S TierWall Cat
A TierMacho Cat
A TierGiraffe Cat
B TierMythical Titan Cat
B TierDragon Cat
C TierUFO Cat
C TierSexy Legs Cat
D TierWhale Cat
F TierBrave Cat

Battle Cats Normal Tier List Following

S TierEraser Cat
A TierIsland Cat
A TierMohawk Cat
B TierJamiera Cat
B TierMacho Legs Cat
C TierKing Dragon Cat
C TierThe Flying Cat
D TierLion Cat
F TierDark Cat

List of Normal Cats

  • Cat
  • Tank Cat
  • Axe Cat
  • Gross Cat
  • Cow Cat
  • Bird Cat
  • Fish Cat
  • Lizard Cat
  • Titan Cat
Battle Cats Normal Tier List

Normal Cat Evolution

  • Cat > Macho Cat > Mohawk Cat
  • Tank Cat > Wall Cat > Eraser Cat
  • Axe Cat > Brave Cat > Dark Cat
  • Gross Cat > Sexy Legs Cat > Macho Leg Cat
  • Cow Cat > Giraffe Cat > Lion Cat
  • Bird Cat > UFO Cat > The Flying Cat
  • Fish Cat > Whale Cat > Island Cat
  • Lizard Cat > Dragon Cat > King Dragon Cat
  • Titan Cat > Mythical Titan Cat > Jamiera Cat

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