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Hello there, I’ll show you an AUT Stand Tier List Guide to help you understand the best Stands in AUT. We will rank all Sands in Tier S, Tiers A, B, and C & D in this AUT Stand Tier List guide. A Universal Time is an adventure game based on Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure () manga series, as well as several other manga series/fandoms. According to the game, you will be fighting other players, farming for items, and so on.

JJBA by Hirohiko Araki serves as the foundation for A Universal Time. The game is based on a number of fanbases and fandoms, including Undertale, X!Tale, Dragon Ball, Glitchtale, Touhou, and others.

AUT Stand Tier List Latest

Arrow TierAnubis
Arrow TierCrazy Diamond
Arrow TierGold Experience
Arrow TierHierophant Green
Arrow TierKing Crimson
Arrow TierStar Platinum
Arrow TierSticky Fingers
Arrow TierThe World
Arrow TierWhitesnake
S+ TierChristmas Star Platinum Requiem (CSPR)
S+ TierH Reaper
S+ TierHallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWRequiem)
S+ TierReaper
S+ TierShadow The World Requiem (STWRequiem)
S+ TierStar Platinum Requiem (SPR)
S+ TierZenith
S TierChara
S TierGaster
S TierPlanet Shaper
S TierSans
S TierShinigami
S TierX-Chara
A+ TierAll Might
A+ TierChariot Requiem
A+ TierCosmical Dio
A+ TierDrip Goku
A+ TierDTW
A+ TierFightsabre
A+ TierGold Experience Requiem
A+ TierGun
A+ TierJSP
A+ TierMUI
A+ TierNuclear Star/Crystallized
A+ TierSakuya
A+ TierSnatcher
A+ TierSuper Shadow
A+ TierTusk Act 4
A TierCasey
A TierChef Platinum
A TierDawn
A TierHermit Purple
A TierMiR
A TierMiW
A TierPurple Guy
A TierShadow Weaboo
A TierTusk Act 3
B TierCH
B TierC-Moon
B TierCoffin BOI
B TierGalaxy Annihilator
B TierKars
B TierMiH
B TierPROJECT Samurai
B TierSamurai
B TierTusk Act 2/Tusk Act 1
B TierULF Kars
B TierVampire
C TierHamon
C TierSpin
D TierThe Knight
TBAKiller Queen
TBAStar Platinum: The World

AUT Item Guide & AUT Item Tier List

AUT Stand Tier List Latest
S+Cursed Orb
SEvil Fragments, 7 Souls, Watch
ABone, Tales Of The Universe, Dragon Ball, Requiem Arrow, Eye of the Saint, Heart of the Saint’s Corpse
BYo-yo, Left Arm Of The Saint, Vial of Joestar Blood, X-Soul, DIO’s Bone, Mysterious Hat

This concludes the AUT Stand Tier List Latest.

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