Welcome to our Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List.

If you want to be sure you’re playing with the greatest characters in this game, check out our Arena Of Valor tier list. We’ve maintained this list up to date with all of the heroes you must play as well as those you should avoid. So, from greatest to worst, here’s our list of AoV characters.

All of the heroes described in the S tier are the best characters you can check out. Support, Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Tank, and Marksman classes are available. They are the finest options overall, and if you can master them, they will work much better. The heroes in the A tier are powerful, but not as much as those in the S tier. The ones stated in the B tier are useful if you need some extra aid but are not the major stars of the show. Finally, the characters in the C tier are mediocre.

Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List 2021

Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List S Tier

S TierRyoma
S TierRiktor
S TierZip
S TierTeemee
S TierLorion
S TierDirak
S TierViolet
S TierTulen
S TierLauriel

Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List A Tier

A TierYorn
A TierWonder Woman
A TierZata
A TierHayate
A TierIgnis
A TierMaloch
A TierMurad
A TierNakroth
A TierLaville
A TierPaine
A TierMarja
A TierRaz
A TierKrixi
A TierQuillen
A TierKriknak
A TierRouie
A TierVeres
A TierYena
A TierOmen
A TierThane
A TierXeniel
A TierLumburr
A TierEland’orr
A TierKil’groth
A TierFlorentino
A TierNatalya
A TierWukong
A TierMina
A TierJinnar
A TierGrakk
A TierGildur
A TierLu Bu
A TierSuperman

Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List B Tier

B TierTel’Annas
B TierTaara
B TierSlimz
B TierPreyta
B TierFennik
B TierButterfly
B TierArthur
B TierAiri
B TierCresht
B TierChaugnar
B TierBrunhilda
B TierLiliana
B TierDextra
B TierAllain
B TierQi
B TierBright
B TierValhein
B TierRoxie
B TierErrol
B TierRourke
B TierMoren
B TierElsu
B TierZill
B TierThorne
B TierMganga
B TierZephys
B TierThe Joker
B TierZanis
Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List

Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List C Tier

C TierOmega
C TierKhalii
C TierIlumia
C TierEnzo
C TierD’Arcy
C TierAzzen’Ka
C TierAstrid
C TierMax
C TierArduin
C TierDiaochan
C TierSkud

This concludes the Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List.

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