Aotu World is a fast-paced tactical role-playing game with distinctive characters and attractive clothing that will keep you on your toes. This free-to-play game also has an in-game bonding system that allows you to communicate with other players when you need a break from combat.

If you’re having difficulties deciding which character is the best, check out our Aotu World tier list. It’s worth remembering that this list is subject to change as new information becomes available, so bookmark this page and return later. We’ve also put together some simple reroll instructions to make things a little easier for you.


TierAotu World character
SGodrose, Grey, Palos, Pelley, Ray, Reid, Zuma
AAbby, Anmicius, Camil, Emy, Kalie, King, Melly, Mist, Phantom Shitou, Reddy
BDragoon, Grotesque, Negi, Redd, Robbie, Strange, Hockeys, Reddy, Lemon, Lorette,
CDestrobot, Medbot, Powerbot, Rescuebot, Sentry, Warbot

Aotu World Tier List And Reroll Guide

Aotu World Tier List And Reroll Guide


If you don’t succeed in rolling for the character you want, simply repeat the process.

  • Aotu World is now open.
  • Complete the prologue instruction and summon multiple monsters.
  • Return to the main menu if you don’t receive the character you want.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the user symbol.
  • To start over, press switch accounts, then establish a new account with a different social media.
  • Rep these processes till you get the desired character.

This concludes the Aotu World Tier List.

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