Hello there, I’ll show you the Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest as well as the Anime Fighters Simulator Mythical Pity Cost. The game Anime Fighters Simulator pits you against opponents using anime-themed fighters. We will show you Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest, and much more in this guide.

So check out this Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest and Anime Fighters Simulator guide.

Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest

Anime Fighters Simulator Passives Tier List

Anime Fighters Simulator divides passives into five categories. as well as Every fighter with a passive has an icon in the upper left corner of their image. If you get passive and don’t like it, you can reroll it. There are three levels of passives: I, II, and III. Some, such as the Dumb passive, which increases the amount of XP required to level, can actually be detrimental to your fighter.

Anime Fighters Simulator Mythic

Blessing (Mythic) – Fighters is blessed by the gods. [The normal fighter damage increase to shiny and more speed] (the chance is 0,0028%)

  • Ghostly – [The normal fighter damage increase to shiny and attack faster] (the chance is 0,00014%)
  • Solid Gold (Mythic) – This fighter is made of solid gold. [The normal fighter damage increases to shiny (more than Ghostly and Blessing), the speed decrease and it sells for much more money! ] (the chance is 0,000014%) PD: Is better Ghostly or Blessing.

Anime Fighters Simulator Legendary

  • – Tank – Fighter moves slow but does high damage. [+ 6666% damage but speed is slow] (the chance is 1,1%) PD: You can unequip and equip the fighter to counteract the slowness.
  • – Giant – The fighter is a giant! [+ 4800% damage] (the chance is 0,85%) PD: Strong III is better than this one.
  • – Tactical III – Fighter does more damage to bosses. [+ 2000% damage] (the chance is 0,71%) PD: For me it’s the best passive to farm with Rich III
  • – Genius III – Fighters level up faster. [+ 5000% exp] (the chance is 100%) PD: I recommend up the fighter if it is very good and change the passive later.
  • – Collector III – Fighter increases chance of drops in Time Trials. [+ 3000% drop] (the chance is 0,57%)
  • – Tiny – The fighter is absolutely tiny! [the speed increase and the damage is less] (the chance is 0,85%) PD: I don’t recommend this passive

Anime Fighters Simulator Epic

  • – Strong III – Fighter does more damage. [ +5000% damage] (the chance is 1,4%)
  • – Tactical II – Fighter does more damage to bosses. [+ 50000% damage] (the chance is 2,8%)
  • – Rich III – When you equip this fighter, you can earn more Yen. [+ 300% yen] (the chance is 1,4%) PD: It’s great to farm yen
  • – Collector II – Fighter increases chance of drops in Time Trials. [+ 200% drop] (the chance is 1,4%)
  • – Speedy – The fighter is more fast. [30x speed.] (not recommended) (the chance is 2,8%)

Anime Fighters Simulator Rare

  • Tactical I – Fighter does more damage to bosses. [+ 250% damage] (the chance is 8,5%)
  • Strong I – Fighter does more damage. [ +100% damage] (the chance is 11%)
  • Rich I – When you equip this fighter, you can earn more Yen. [+ 100% yen] (the chance is 14%)
  • Genius I – Fighters level up faster. [+ 150% exp] (the chance is 14%)

Anime Fighters Simulator Mythical Pity Cost

  • Piccolo: 320k
  • Itachi: 1,5M
  • Jotaro: 1.3 M
  • Mihawk: 60M
  • All Might: 350M
  • Levi: 1,75B
  • Rengoku: 7,2B
  • Arima: 27B
  • Netero: 90B
  • Heathcliff: 400B
  • Coyote: 1,75T
  • Gojo: 6,5T
  • Saitama: 18T
  • Meliodas: 65T
  • Gilgamesh: 265T

Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest

Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List Latest
King of MagesS+SecretLucky Kingdom
Dark OneSSecret9 Crimes Island
Jane d’ BateauSSecretDestiny Island
Emperor AlienSSecretXYZ Metropolis
SlicetteASecretVirtual Castle
Two EyedASecretGhoul Town
EikoASecretEmpty Dimension
Sigma CurseASecretCursed High
Far AwayASecretChimera Jungle
Bald HeroACraftedXYZ Metropolis
Bravery (Dark)ACraftedLucky Kingdom
Clarent (Dark)ACraftedDestiny Island
Demon WrathiosACrafted9 Crimes Island
Eagle EyedBSecretHero University
Spirit WarriorBMythicalLucky Kingdom
Gilded KingBMythicalDestiny Island
WrathiosBMythical9 Crimes Island
Omega HunterBCraftedWalled City
SleepingBCraftedSlayer Army
Edge GodBCraftedGhoul Town
Full SpeedBCraftedChimera Jungle
Big BenB+SecretWalled City
SunB+SecretSlayer Army
Shenkai MaxB+CraftedVirtual Castle
Black SliceB+CraftedEmpty Dimension
Ohne BlindfoldB+CraftedCursed High
PinkieCSecretSuper Island
AsukaCSecretNinja Village
DobonitoCSecretFruits Island
TokioCSecretCrazy Town
Bald ManCMythicalXYZ Metropolis
LandmineCMythicalVirtual Castle
FalconCMythicalEmpty Dimension
Mit BlindfoldCMythicalCursed High
Mega SassyCCraftedNinja Village
100% DeckCCraftedHero University
Taffy LongmanCCraftedFruits Island
Coco RequiemCCraftedCrazy Town
SpinnerDMythicalWalled City
Penny The OneDMythicalSuper Island
Flame KnightDMythicalSlayer Army
MusashiDMythicalNinja Village
Shining HeroDMythicalHero University
White ReaperDMythicalGhoul Town
MikeDMythicalFruits Island
Dr DolphinDMythicalCrazy Town
BuddhaDMythicalChimera Jungle
Super HekaDCraftedSuper Island

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