All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated, When you first start playing Final Fantasy XIV, the variety of races and classes available can be overwhelming. So, whether you’ve just downloaded the game or want to choose your character before you start, keep reading to learn about all the races in Final Fantasy 14.

Currently, the stat differences between races are so minor that they have no effect on any build you might try. In that sense, races in Final Fantasy XIV are entirely cosmetic, so you shouldn’t worry about selecting the “best” one. Instead, simply choose the one that appeals to you. Find below about All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated.

All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated


Hyur are the default “human” race in Final Fantasy XIV. They look and act pretty much exactly like humans. But just like real-life humans they have a variety of appearances. According to their in-game lore, Hyr have a larger number of languages and traditions, as well as a diverse heritage, resulting in a lack of a unified culture.

They come in two sub-races, or clans—Midlanders, and the slightly taller and robust Highlanders.


Elezen are Final Fantasy XIV’s “elves.” The Elezen are tall, pointy-eared, and long-lived creatures native to forests and mountain caves. They are frequently aloof and arrogant.

Elezen are divided into two clans that represent two subraces: the Wildwood Elezen and the Duskwight Elezen, with the former living in forests and the latter preferring caves and subterranean locations.


Lalafell is a small, child-like race known for its agriculture and social skills. It’s not uncommon to see them in Final Fantasy XIV’s world acting as merchants or politicians, both of which they excel at.

Lalafell are divided into two clans: Dunesfolk, who have bright glowing eyes, and Plainsfolk, who have brightly colored hair in shades such as mossy green and earthy reds.


Miqo’te are a cat-like race with fluffy ears and long tails. The Miqo’te are hunters and fighters who are shorter than Hyurs but taller than Lalafells. They are typically territorial and solitary.

They are split into two clans: patriarchal Seekers of the Sun and nocturnal Keepers of the Moon. Find more here about All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated.

Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated


Roegadyn is a tall and brawny race of hardy warriors. They’re one of the largest player races, with fearsome muscles and brawn. Roegadyn, on the other hand, is frequently seen in positions of command and leadership.

The SeaWolves, who are sea-faring pirates, and the Hellsguard, who are mountain-dwelling volcano-lovers, are the Roegadyn clans.

Au Ra

The scaled Au Ra are dragon descendants who typically inhabit the far eastern continents. They play an important role in the Stormblood expansion, but they first appeared in Heavensward.

The Au Ra are divided into two clans: the Raen, who often live underwater or deep within mountain ranges, and the Xaela, who live on the open steppes. Find more here about All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated.


The Hrothgar is a colossal, beastly lion-people introduced in Shadowbringers. They have a striking resemblance to the Ronso from Final Fantasy X, and they can even have similar head horns. At the moment, you can only play as a male Hrothgar.

The Helions and the Lost are their two clans, and they disagree on whether the Hrothgar queen is their rightful leader.

Viera Final Fantasy XIV

All Races in Final Fantasy XIV Updated

Viera Final Fantasy XIV

Female Viera, a badass bunny girl from Final Fantasy 14, was first introduced in Shadowbringers. However, as of the Endwalker, male Viera will be present in the game as well. In a departure from the norm, the female Viera tower over their male counterparts.

The Rava, who live in the jungle, and the Veena, who live in the snow-capped mountains, are the two Viera clans.

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