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Alien Marauder Game Description

This is a different Earth dimension.

The Earth had just emerged from under the shadow of the great war and was beginning to heal. Humans were prepared to reconstruct their dwellings following the war’s devastating losses.

Prior to the destruction of the Earth, humans were trying to create a new means of surviving.
Humans accomplished the fifth industrial revolution in 2672, thanks to the development and widespread adoption of Heavy Ion Fusion Technology.

The Earth’s resources have been depleted after years of constant mining.

The United Fusion Association began to organise multiple expeditionary forces to travel to the universe and explore the planets available for mining in each galaxy in order to relieve resource exhaustion and transport all kinds of useful mineral resources back to Earth and other colonised planets by constructing a large number of mining bases and transport ships.

Destructive mining, on the other hand, was fraught with perils.

The alien monster “Vexans,” who were buried deep beneath, were drawn to the loud noises created by mining.

AI Technology

Video games have been inseparable from AI since the inception.

The newly built AI will be divided into three abstraction levels: strategy, tactics, and reactive control.

Many AI techniques, such as hard-coded procedures, planning, and machine learning, have been utilised in RTS games to handle difficult strategic reasoning challenges.

In “Alien Marauder,” we’ll divide the work on mid-range tactical reasoning into two broad groups: spatial reasoning and decision making (that has been addressed both using machine learning and game tree search).
Controlled Reaction

Alien Marauder now live on Kickstarter

Alien Marauder Kickstarter

Alien Marauder is currently in Alpha, and we plan to launch the game through Steam Early Access in 2021.

Kickstarter is one of the most popular and successful crowdsourcing platforms, with a significant following in China. In addition to assisting us in raising funding, Kickstarter allows us to reach out to additional international participants. We can get a broad picture of whether or not this game will be accepted and liked by the international player base by looking at the crowdfunding results, and we can see if there are gamers who are very enthusiastic about our game. We can also make a far more ambitious project if this campaign fulfils its financing goal:

We can strive to expand the cosmos, improve the sound and music effects, and optimise it…

It’s a tall order for a tiny team of only 9 people to develop a living and breathing game world full of engaging individuals, varied buildings, and a slew of foes to destroy. We created “Alien Marauder” because of a passion for real-time strategy games. We tested, failed, and tried again in the last year. Our love for RTS has never waned, even when we were exhausted.

We developed various advisory boards, distributed test codes, and listened to every player’s recommendations when the game entered the external testing phase to include everyone in the design process. Although the game requires additional material and testing, as RTS fans, we are well-prepared.

Alien Marauder now live on Kickstarter

Risks and difficulties

We understand that creating interactive entertainment is a difficult task, and we take it very seriously. For the past 12 years, YC Games has been creating video games. Despite the fact that every project has inherent risks and a significant number of unknowns, our experience gives us important benefits as we prepare for the exciting and difficult task ahead.

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