Adorable Home codes & Updates 2022

By Adan Karni •  Updated: 11/12/21

Use that passion to purchase additional furniture, decorations, and more CATS for your home to make it completely gorgeous! The more cats you have, the more cute moments you will have. Take photos of them with your vintage camera and save them in your picture book.

Greetings, men! Please keep reading for more information on Adorable Home codes, changes, and other topics. Your beautiful cat Snow and you and your spouse recently moved to the suburbs. Snow is your feline pal. What should I start with? Let’s tidy up the space so you can begin decorating.

The only furniture is a couch, a table, and a TV stand. What the heck is going on? Of course, a television. Starting with it, we can’t just lie around watching TV all day. Your boyfriend has to go to work, and you have to finish the important housekeeping. Feed your cat and prepare meals for your partner to gain their devotion (or numerous cats, as the case may be).

Are you enjoying the game? Collect enough love to access additional places such as the Garden, where you may collect love from forest creatures who visit your charming house. Adorable Home is a peaceful and passive experience. Return to the game every couple of hours to see what’s new, gain some love, and continue customizing your home.

About the Game and Adorable Home codes

Enjoy it, we hope! Adorable Home needs read/write access to an external storage device in order to store your work locally on your smartphone.

LGBTQ+ visitors are welcomed at Adorable Home. Since this is a game about couples in their home, it occasionally references mature themes and shows people exposing their clothing (Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.). Children under the age of 13 may not find it suitable because it is not intended for them.

What’s new –You may obtain 27 new furniture pieces from three sets built with affection and paying respect to Pride’s heritage during the month of June.

We’ve also introduced Pride Flag Items that will be available long after the event is over, so that anybody may always feel proud to display their identity in their Adorable Home.

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Tap-Tap Rating – 8.5 out of 10 Star
  • Google Play Rating – 4.1 out of 5 Star
  • App Store Rating – 4.7 out of 5 Star


  • Provider – Carrot Game Studio
  • Languages – English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
  • Current Version – 1.15.1
  • Size – 99 MB
  • Last Updated on – 2021-08-19
  • Network Connection – Not Required
  • System Requirements – No System Requirements

Active Adorable Home Codes List

Despite being challenging to decode, Adorable Home Codes are a crucial component of the game. You need to know how to employ hackers effectively if you want to improve your game and play uninterrupted for the entire game. We all cheat to prevent disruptions while playing on our own terms, as opposed to breaking the rules or hurting other people.

Adorable Home codes

  • StayAtHome – Redeem this gift code for 1500 Hearts
  • uniquefasns: Get some love and other freebies with this code (uses limit reached)
  • adorableeenm932 – Reddem this gift code for your exclusive rewards 
  • Hearts022luv – Reddem this gift code for your exclusive rewards 
  • adorableeenm785 – Reddem this gift code for your exclusive rewards 

  • adorableeenm856 – Reddem this gift code for your exclusive rewards 
  • adorableeenm538 – Reddem this gift code for your exclusive rewards 
  • Adorable15M – Redeem this gift code for hearts and other exclusive rewards
  • AdorableHome40K – Redeem this gift code for hearts and other exclusive rewards
  • AHInstaNCHY – Redeem this gift code for hearts and other exclusive rewards
  • IloveAdorableHome – Redeem this gift code for hearts and other exclusive rewards

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How to use New Adorable Home Codes?

If you don’t know how to spell Adorable Home? It’s quite simple! Just take a few basic actions.

As of today, we have listed all of the Adorable Home Codes Active that is currently available. These codes can be redeemed for free Gems, Follower Tier Up Essence, Feather stones, and other in-game items.
The best way to discover what The Adorable Home Codes 2022 is capable of is to experiment on your own by trying these codes.

Test the various codes, and don’t be afraid to break something in the game.
Although we encourage you to explore the Codes and see what you can do, we will delve into some specific functions below. Unfortunately, because there are so many Adorable Home Codes Active available, we will only be able to highlight some of them but they are all tested and verified.

What Should You Do If Your Adorable Home Fail?

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