Welcome to our Ace Defender Tier List, which provides an in-depth look at all of the available Best Heroes in Ace Defender. Immortal, Legendary, and Common are the three hero rarities in Ace Defender.

Each Ace Defender hero has their own set of abilities and capabilities.

Ace Defender Tier List described

When it comes to Factions in Ace Defender, there are 3 main Elements (Nature, Holy Light, and Moon Shadow) and two unique Elements (Deity and Devil) that all play a major role in Ace Defender team-building.

When new heroes are added to the game or an update affects how they perform in battle, we will update our tier list. It’s rather simple to reroll for the character you want at the start of the game, so we recommend rolling until you obtain one of the S-tier.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tier S+ – Heroes of this rank are described as Very Strong heroes who are extremely powerful and extremely difficult to defeat.

Tier S – These are strong heroes that are really good at what they do. They are capable of winning in almost any game type.

Tier A – These heroes are an excellent choice. They are not as strong as S-tier heroes, however, they do very well in the majority of games.

Tier B – These are Good heroes who can perform exceptionally well

Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Best Heroes Tier List
S+Nordil, Isoria
SKarmel, Margeria, Titansum, Lavigne, Fengling, Neptyr, Serenir, Angelia, Alipida
AAlia, Bathorian, Regel, Enid, Garrod, Zhanyan, Valkyrie, Zoltan, Panka, Valdir
BRex, Solzana, Lipez, Selia, Kahnye, Kus, Hovede, Tia, Reshis, Gilg, Thaurissan, Arthur, Northlid, Irasad, Lilith, Andrew, Malfa, Mr. Chainsaw, Oritok
CKroot, Allen, Logan

Game General

  • Title – Ace Defender: Dragon War
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 98 MB
    • iOS: 366 MB
  • Download 

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