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A Starlit Melody Lost Ark walkthrough The challenging quest A Starlit Melody in Lost Ark requires you to track down Frank and find his wife’s soul. First and foremost, you need to talk to Lena, the mother’s little daughter.

Up until you find the mother’s lost soul and gather the letter addressed to both Frank and Lena, this will be a protracted and ongoing adventure for you as a player.

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark: Quest Guide

I’ll walk you through each task you need to complete in order to complete Starlit Melody. To start your journey to finish the Starlit Melody quest, you must go all the way to the Starlight Isle. You’ll run into Lena there, an NPC, and she’ll give you the first task in your quest line.

1. A Lighthouse for the Soul

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

You’ll receive A Lighthouse for the Soul as your first task in A Starlit Melody Lost Ark as you arrive in Lena. She will direct you to meet her father Frank at the lighthouse so he may accompany you on the rest of the journey.
When you have finished speaking with Favreau and leading the souls, return to Lena to finish the first assignment that Frank has given you.

  • Find Lena’s Dad
  • /talk with Favreau and persuade him
  • Ask him to guide the souls
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
  • /talk with Favreau and persuade him
  • Ask again
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk

2. For the Lost Soul

This is a really simple one. You’ve been tasked by Lena with reading Favreau’s diary. Then, in order to learn something from the Unloader, you must journey to the Frozen Sea. once you have finished speaking with the Unloader. The location of a woman’s frozen body in Shushire’s Iceblood Plateau will be your responsibility.

The next thing you should do after discovering the body is to figure out why she resisted leaving. There will be a woman’s soul, and you will need to talk to her. When you return to the woman’s soul, she will tell you to speak with her once more before telling you to go meet her son Roehn in the chilly water. You’ll then need to finish the mission and go back to Lana.

  • Talk to Lena
  • Gather information in Frozen Sea
  • Talk to the Unloader
  • Talk to the Worker
  • Talk to the Daybreaker
  • Iceblood Plateau, Shushire
  • Find the frozen corpse of a woman
  • Interact with object:
  • Ask why she wouldn’t leave
  • /talk to the woman to persuade her to leave
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
  • /talk to persuade her that it’s been ten years already
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
  • Speak with Woman’s Soul
  • Meet her son, Roehn, in Frozen Sea
  • Iceblood Plateau
  • Speak with Woman’s Soul

3. The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse

It won’t be long for this. Frank is unable to assist you in trying to lead the soul back to the father, therefore you must go back to Lana and finish the duty.

  • Guide the soul to Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau

4. Starkeeper’s Records

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

Visit Runaways Island and ask about Diego there. Diego will finally come into view, and you’ll discover him lying lifeless on the ground. His soul will be saved by you, and you’ll give it to Diego’s mother. The fourth quest in A Starlit Melody Lost Ark can then be finished by conversing with Diego’s soul after that.

  • Read Favreau’s first entry
  • Runaways Island
  • Ask around about Diego
  • Find someone who remembers Diego
  • Find someone who has seen Diego
  • Find Diego
  • Interact with object:
  • Retrieve Diego’s soul
  • Purchase the panacea from the Pirate Merchant
  • Give it to Diego’s mom
  • Get item: icon – Wonder Drug

5. The Soul Left in X-301

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

You are given this mission by Diego’s mother. She will give you directions to Facility X-301, where you should look for I-202. The region will need to be searched for robot parts, such as joint rivets, eye sensors, and arm circuitry. B-0031 has to be repaired after you send the component to him. You must visit Lena in Starlight Isle once the stronger and improved robot has been repaired.

  • Read Favreau’s second entry
  • Facility X-301
  • Find I-202
  • Take a look around B-0031
  • Interact with object:
  • Defeat the nearby mechanical monsters to collect parts for B-0031
  • Steel Diver’s Arm Circuitry
  • Steel Diver’s Joint Rivet
  • Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor
  • Repair B-0031
  • Interact with object:
  • Do I-202 a favor
  • Take the engine out of I-202
  • Insert the engine into B-0031
  • Interact with object:
  • Ask I-202’s soul to come along

6. Under the Starlight Lighthouse

After visiting her father Frank’s residence, where he will no longer be able to retrieve souls, you and Lana travel to the shack in quest of her mother’s journal. To complete the mission, you locate the diary and go back to Lana.

  • Ask Favreau to play the piano
  • Speak with Favreau in front of the cabin
  • Take out Lena’s mom’s diary

7. Finding Eileen’s Soul

Reading the mother’s diary marks the start of the quest, which must be finished by travelling to Prideholme to speak with Father Varut about Eileen.

  • Check the first diary
  • Prideholme
  • Ask Father Varut about Eileen
  • Look for traces of a soul on which Eileen sat

8. Favreau and Eileen

A Starlit Melody Lost ArkOpening the diary and conversing with Lana—who is still in the cathedral with you—restarts the quest. In order to find the flower from Eileen’s memories, you must now make several trips. Open the journal once again to see where they end up if you can’t locate it on the first island. Speaking with Allegro in Sunbright Hill, Luterra, will take you to the next location, where you must find Eileen’s traces in order to complete this A Starlit Melody Lost Ark Quest.

Talk to Lena Check the second diary
Liebeheim in the Atusa Ocean north of Luterra
Find the flower from Eileen’s memories
Interact with object:
Check the third diary
Sunbright Hill, Luterra
Speak with Allegro
Find Eileen’s traces
Find the first trace
Interact with object:
Find the second trace
Interact with object:
Find third trace Your Traces
Check the fourth diary
Rattan Hill in Anikka
Check what’s hidden near the Wisteria

9. Your Traces

A Starlit Melody Lost ArkAllegro starts your quest by asking you to speak with Lana and look through the fourth diary. Your search is then sent to Anikka’s Rattan Hill, where you explore the area until you locate the proper spot for the letter. You then go back to Lana and inform her that you have located her mother’s soul. And you both travel to Starlight Isle, where the quest is finished.

10. A Starlit Melody Lost Ark

Your final quest begins with Father Frank. You hand over Eileen’s letter and complete the “A Starlit Melody” quest. This concludes the A Starlit Melody Lost Ark Guide.

  • Give the letter to Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau

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